Tips for Finding Miman in Shin Megami Tensei V

the miman from shin megami tensei v

Miman are a very important part of your journey in Shin Megami Tensei V. Once the minions of the shop owner Gustav, they have all run off and you must help find them. There are 200 throughout the entire game in total for you to collect. For every 5 that you get, Gustav will give you a reward. Typically this will be an essence, a special battle item, or a healing item.

Gathering Miman will also reward you Glory, which you need in order to learn the Miracles that are part of the Nahobino’s enhancements. As such, it’s worth collecting them. Here are the best ways that will make rounding up the Miman easier.

the rewards for collecting miman in shin megami tensei v

Consider Investing In The Secret Hack

chironnupu from shin megami tensei v

You can actually spot Miman on your map by checking for the icon that resembles their head. However, not every single one will show up, and so you mostly have to seek them out yourself. When it comes to the search, you have two options. Each map has many Miman throughout all of its nooks and crevices, which can make finding them tedious if you don’t know where to look. To make things easier, you can fork over some Macca to the NPC Chironnupu that hangs out at the end of every area and he will mark every single Miman on the map for you. This is quite expensive, but it saves a lot of time in finding them.

a map in shin megami tensei v

Look Inside The Right Places

If you want to do it without the help of Chironnupu, the best thing to do is just explore the map as much as you can. Miman are fairly skittish by nature, and as such, hide in places such as behind walls, on ledges, and alcoves. They are also common to find inside the ruins of the buildings. When you get close enough to one, it will actually show up on your map, so be sure to keep checking it in your search.

Miman will be a worthy investment for you to collect in the game!

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Tips for Finding Miman in Shin Megami Tensei V


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