Tips For Avoiding Zurks In Stray

the cat from stray

Stray is an adorable game for the most part. You get to cuddle people, meow, and climb on things, living the life of a cat. The only time it stops being cute is whenever you get attacked by the zurks. These horrid parasitic creatures pretty much attack anything that moves, and kitty meat is not off their menu. Fortunately, zurks are easy to escape if you observe their patterns. These are tips for avoiding zurks in Stray.

How To Outrun Zurks

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One of the best things you can do is keep moving around them. Zurks do have a numbers power over you, but you have a speed advantage. Always run circles around them and they will never get you. If possible, never run directly into them because if a certain number of them latch onto you, you’ll die. Don’t panic if this happens though, as it’s still possible to shake a few off if you do it fast enough.

How To Avoid Zurks When Cornered

Zurks from Stray.

You’ll come to points where zurks are falling off buildings in an attempt to get you. With these, make sure that you run under them as if they were a structure with a hole. You’ll see them falling down in a certain pattern, which gives you the advantage. If you run through them but not under them they won’t get you. Picture them as an obstacle course where you have to run inside a ring but can’t touch the edge. During the game, you’ll also earn trophies and achievements.

How To Use Jumping To Avoid Zurks

When it comes to climbing to get away from the zurks, you’ll want to be careful, as they can climb up too. However, something you can do that they can’t is jump over bare ledges. That’s right, if there’s a ledge or space with a gap, they won’t follow you. When running away from them, jumping over holes in the floor will help you escape faster. By doing this, you’re shaving off time you would have used up running straight through. The zurks aren’t near you and you have a good chance to avoid them.

Zurks are an annoyance in Stray, but always remember that you’re stronger and faster than them and can beat them with no trouble.

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Tips For Avoiding Zurks In Stray


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