Tips and Tricks to Using Drew in Dislyte


Dislyte is among the most interesting turn-based role-playing games released on iOS and Android globally, thanks not only to its charming world, which takes no time to suck players in but also to its gameplay mechanics, whose great depth makes the game a true joy to play.

Among the Espers currently available in the game that make it so fun is Drew. Here’s everything you need to know to use him properly.

Tips and Tricks to Using Drew in Dislyte

Drew in Dislyte is a DPS character who works great against all sorts of enemies, but that shows his true potential when fighting against weaker opponents that can be taken down in just a few hits. This is due to the Death’s Judgment skill, which allows Drew to perform an extra attack that ignores defense on another opponent if the skill kills an enemy. As this bonus attack can be triggered up to two times in a single turn, you can easily understand why it is important for Drew to deal the killing blow with Death’s Judgment as much as possible.

Below, you will find all you need to know about Drew’s three skills.

  • Piercing Strike – Deals damage to a single target and reduces cooldown of Death’s Judgement by 1 turn if Piercing Strike is a critical hit. Leveling up this skill can increase damage up to 130% of the attack stat.
  • Shadow Shock – Deals damage to a single target with the chance of inflicting the DEF Down debuff for 2 turns. Leveling up this skill can increase damage to 220% of the attack stat and the chance of inflicting DEF Down by 85%. At Level 5, cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
  • Death’s Judgment – Deals damage to a single target, triggering an extra attack that deals damage equal to 150% of the attack stat if an enemy is killed by the skill. The extra attack can be triggered twice per turn. By leveling up this skill, you can increase damage to up to 260% of the attack stat and reduce cooldown by 1 turn.

As you will want Drew to deal as much damage as possible with Death’s Judgement, the best sets are those that increase his attack and Critical Rate, such as the Wrath of Jupiter Set x 4 (+30% ATK) and the Fiery Incandescence Set (+20% Critical Rate).

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Tips and Tricks to Using Drew in Dislyte


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