Tips and Best Build for Pain Keeper in Raid: Shadow Legends


Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular free-to-play mobile RPG. There are lots of different characters that you can collect and use to form your squad. All of them are ranked by their rarity, and one of the most interesting rare champions is known as Pain Keeper. This guide will tell you about this character and how to use her in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Pain Keeper in Raid: Shadow Legends

Pain Keeper in Raid: Shadow Legends is a rare character of the Dark Elves faction. She belongs to the Void type and her abilities make her a good support character. Her auto-attack is able to deal damage to an opponent and fill the turn meter of Pain Keeper. The first skill allows you to deal damage to all enemies and heal allies by a fixed percentage of Pain Keeper’s HP. The second skill decreases the cooldown of all skills of Pain Keeper’s teammates.

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How to Use Pain Keeper in Raid: Shadow Legends

Pain Keeper is a great support character that you can use in Raid: Shadow Legends. Her ability to heal her allies and decrease the cooldown of their skills can be really useful if you combine it with some champions. One of the most popular combinations is Pain Keeper and Maneater. This team is able to deal tons of damage to the Clan Boss on the hardest difficulties.

Pain Keeper is able to fight effectively against Spider, Dragon, Ice Golem, Scarab King, and Dreadhorn. However, the best way to use her is to put her against the Clan Boss. In order to make your Pain Keeper stronger, we recommend you use the Speed set which is able to boost her Speed. Also, we recommend you choose the next talents:

  • Deadly Precision (Offense)
  • Keen Strike (Offense)
  • Single Out (Offense)
  • Life Drinker (Offense)
  • Whirlwind of Death (Offense)
  • Bring it Down (Offense)
  • Methodical (Offense)
  • Kill Streak (Offense)
  • Warmaster (Offense)
  • Steadfast (Defense)
  • Lay on Hands (Defense)
  • Exalt in Death (Defense)
  • Healing Savior (Defense)
  • Cycle of Magic (Defense)
  • Lore of Steel (Defense)
  • Spirit Haste (Defense)

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Tips and Best Build for Pain Keeper in Raid: Shadow Legends


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