Tiny Sheep (titled Teeny Sheep on iOS) is a brand new incremental game that’s insanely charming and completely addictive. It’s true, it’s basically Egg Inc with Sheep instead of Chicken, but from a player’s point of view, that doesn’t matter much. What matters is the ton of fun you can have playing the game. And we’re here to help make it even more fun by sharing a bunch of Tiny Sheep cheats and tips. Or Teeny Sheep cheats and tips, if you prefer the alternative spelling.

No matter how you call the game, the things you have to do are the same and our suggestions will help you build a bigger, better farm faster. So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below some Tiny Sheep tips and tricks. (Aka Teeny Sheep tips and tricks).

You don’t have to tap to keep the sheep coming
Go to the premium upgrades instead and buy at least one of the top upgrade available in the game: Hold to Clone. This means that you can simply hold your finger on the sheep button and they’ll keep coming. It’s a lot slower than tapping, but also easier to do while multitasking. Give it a try!

Don’t spend Golden Wool on boosts
You get fair amounts of Golden Wool (Premium currency) in the game for free, but don’t hurry to spend that on boosts! Instead, watch the ad to get the profits boosted for two hours. You can even watch the ad a few times to max out the bonus time.

Instead, spend the Golden Wool on Premium Upgrades. These are extremely helpful and what’s even more important is that they stick with you when you build a new Farm or even when you Prestige. Buy what you feel is best, but I would recommend getting the following Premium upgrades in this exact order:

Hold to Clone: get one or two. This makes it a lot easier to get sheep without tapping.
Fudge Profits Report: this helps you get through the Farms a bit faster.
Mega Spirit Wool: Once you Prestige, this bonus will start piling up and you’ll see the effects!

Apart from these three, if you still have extra money, you could add a few bonuses to the Silos (storage quality and/or capacity) in order to boost your earnings a bit for when you are away from the game.

Catch the birds
These fly over your farm regularly and they hold relatively big amounts of money in their packages or even Golden Wool. But even more important is the Eagle: it flies less often and it’s really fast, but it holds great treasures. Try to never miss it, since it will help tremendously in terms of income.

Upgrade Wool Type as soon as possible
Unless you are about to complete a mission that requires you to reach a certain Sheep capacity or wool value or anything similar that would be easier to complete by spending a few more minutes at your current farm, there’s absolutely no reason to delay upgrading to your next farm.

When upgrading, you start from scratch with a new farm, but the wool is better valued so you’re making a lot more money and it’s even easier to get the upgrades to make more. This is the core of the game, in the end.

Don’t forget about your Silos!
I always do, so that’s why I have to say this. One of the first things you should do when moving to a new farm is to get your second silo which gives helps you get more money when you are away. This is a must!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Tiny Sheep aka Teeny Ship. If you have extra advice for fellow players, let us know by commenting below!