All aboard! Tiny Rails is a unique and fun train simulator! Your grandfather has passed his train company down and now it’s up to keep things on rails! You’ll start out with a tiny little engine car, but before you know it you’ll have massive multi-car wonder. Unfold the story as you travel to places all over the United States, unlocking more regions as you go. We’ve got some nice tips and tricks for your new train business in our Tiny Rails cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch those advertisements!

We know, we know, advertisements are a bummer. But they’re worth watching in Tiny Rails! Every time your train makes it to a new station, you’ll have the option to watch an advertisement before you take off to your next destination. The reward you get for doing so is random at each station, but they’re really great! You can get 1,000 gold, 5 gems, a free spin, or a free train speed boost. These are all incredibly helpful rewards, so it’s in your best interest to watch as many ads as you can.

2. Listen to your passengers!

If you tap on the yellow person icon at the top right, you’ll bring down the passenger menu. Here you can see who’s currently riding and what they have to say about your train. Pay attention to the reviews – the happier your passengers are, the more money you’ll make from them. You can utilize the reviews to see what you need to focus on. For example, if you hear passengers complaining about food, you can try putting in more dining cars.

You might not be able to do much about this early on because this all comes down to having a variety of cars at your disposal. Obviously that won’t happen when you’re first starting out, but as you gain more cars from the spins, try changing your car layout around.

3. Buy low, sell high!

You’ll learn in the tutorial that different stations have different items for sell in the market. Occasionally, you’ll see some items in the market that are on sale. Be sure to always buy items that are on sale! Even if you’re not playing the market efficiently, you will always make a profit off of the sale items because you bought them at a lower price than usual. If you’re not going off of sale items, you’ll need to pay attention to the average sale price of each item to see if it’s worth to sell and buy.

4. Keep the game on!

Your train will continue to operate even if you don’t have the game open. You will automatically generate gold this way, but you will miss out on the aforementioned advertisements are rewards. If you have the time, we recommend leaving the game open. The game is designed so that your device won’t automatically go to sleep as long as it’s open, so you don’t have to worry about that. What you do have to worry about is you train departing from stops. When your train reaches a new station, there are no prompts for you to tap on. Eventually your train will take off again, and if you’re not fast enough you might miss out on the market and advertisement bonuses!

5. Buy some stations!

Once you get some gold, start looking into buying stations. Depending on the station, it might be a little pricey so don’t expect to this until you’ve gotten some upgrades in on your train. The first time you buy a station, every subsequent visit to that station will give you more passengers than usual. The next upgrade will grant you more gold at that station. We haven’t unlocked the last upgrade yet, because it costs a whopping 5,000 gold! We can only imagine it’s really good though.

That’s all for Tiny Rails. If you have any other conducting tips and tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I am enjoying this game — but I have a newbie question: how do I change out cars without dumping either cargo or passengers? I was thinking you had to wait until you were in a station, but even then it doesn’t work. Is that the only way??

    • Hey Paul,

      Unfortunately you might be right, at least for passengers. Sell all your cargo items before you move cargo cars. As for passengers, there never seems to be a moment where you have no passengers, so I don’t see a way to move passenger cars. I recommend just working around your existing cars, and remember that you can level them up if you get a duplicate.

      • If you want to dump a car, you have to make sure that the number of passengers or cargo that specific car can carry lies under the number of those that you have in your train at that given moment. If a wagon can carry 5 passengers, then you have to wait until there are 5 passengers under the maximum on your train. Then you can move it freely.

    • If you have room. Put both passenger cars on your train at the same time. Then remove one. You won’t have to dump passengers. Same for cargo.

  2. Is there a way to get sleeper cars? My passengers keep complaining that there are no beds, I’ve unlocked all but 3 regulars and still have no sleeper car. Is there even a way? Or will I have to make my train get places faster.

    • There isn’t a way to get “sleeper cars” when you’re equipping a car, push the small down arrow in the top left corner, this will show you what a car will add or subtract from your train. The bed icon is the one you’re looking for, but it’s best to keep everything balanced.

  3. Hi there,
    I didn’t find the way to buy some items to use my cargo cars.
    How and when can we access to the stations market to buy goods ?
    Thanks for you help and merry Christmas !

    • When you stop at any station, there should be a very noticeable button with market on it where you buy and sell the goods. There is also a button to watch videos to get rewards at the stop. Just make sure to catch the station before your train leaves.

  4. I’m fairly new to this game and I love it, but now my train has stopped on the rails not moving. I have gotten the notifications that say there is an obstruction on the rails, except when I log on there is nothing, and the train is running full speed. I need some help or explanation please and thank you.

    • You just need to tap over and over on the rock that is blocking your train. You can also use 5 gems to hire the Track Inspector. He will keep the rails clear!

  5. Why do I never see the button on the left pop up to go to the market at stops? I only ever see the one on the right, where I can watch a video for a prize.

    I want cargo =[

  6. Actually in the Settings Box (in regards to your train leaving without you being able to control it) you can set it so you make the train depart, thus you can get to your market and the advertisements before departing. you can also click on the Imperial setting there and go from kilometers to miles per hour.

  7. Hey,
    Pretty pretty new in this game, I have question when you see map some station are rock in order to unlock them I need to 50% completion. I am not sure what this means does it means buy all the station and where do you see your progress

  8. I’m trying to get the second Depot to store stuff but it won’t let me set a marker there after I already have 123 nails and it says it only needs 10. So how do I fix this?

  9. If you go into the log book, right where it says quest log there’s a slider. Just slide it down to the bearded dude to continue cargo depot quests.

  10. 1. Can I make the train go where I want it to go instead of letting the game choose? I need to complete Canada East & want to do the Alaska challenge but don’t know how to get the train where I need it. 2. How do I get the train to a Depot so I can move
    my cargo?

  11. So for some reason I can’t change the color ofy cars. I bought a green Blue Ducky A4 Cargo Car (the one that looks like a proper coal tender). I bought it for the Flying Scotsman Engine and I was going to use it, but when I open my cars menu it says it is blue. I went into the Trainiary and checked it. It said I have green paint available for use, but when I select it and put on the car, it is still blue. How do I change the color of cars in game?


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