It seems that the trend now is to take Flappy Bird and use celebrities as the game’s heroes. This is what Tiny Flying Drizzy does and does it incredibly well with frustrating results and impossible game mechanics. We are here to help you as much as we can with a set of Tiny Flying Drizzy cheats: actually, some tips and tricks that will hopefully turn you into a pro and help you win at Tiny Flying Drizzy. Or at least give it your best shot.

So if you’re struggling with a score of under 10 points – or just not enough for you to make it matter – below are some Tiny Flying Drizzy cheats and tips!

1. Master the rise
For some reason, Tiny Flying Drizzy seems to have slightly different mechanics from other games: when you tap the button to rise your Drizzy, it goes up quite a bit. At first, this usually means that you hit the top pipe and it’s game over. So this is the tapping technique that you must master: let the flying man go down and tap when at the bottom, just about to hit the lower pipe otherwise you will hit the top one.

2. Practice, practice, practice
Since the mechanics work a bit differently compared to other similar games, you will need a bit of practice to get used with the game. So don’t worry if your first day of playing isn’t filled with impressive high scores – soon, you will get better and better

3. Relax and take breaks
Just like all the frustrating games out there, Tiny Flying Drizzy will drive you mad very fast. The key to getting a high score that gives you bragging rights is to be as relaxed as possible. Whenever you feel that you’re getting too angry, find the power to put your device aside for a while. Take a break, relax, calm down and try again. You will see that you will do a lot better.

4. Watch out for that top pipe
In the end, the top pipe is what will kill you in 90% of your games, so make sure you know it’s there and you get better and better when it comes to avoiding it. That’s the secret for a huge high score.

And these are our Tiny Flying Drizzy tips and tricks for you today. Do you have other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below!


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