Journey back to the Tiny Dino World in Tiny Dino World: Return! In this pixel jurassic adventure, you’ll build a village from the ground up and tame your own dinosaurs to fight alongside you. Our Tiny Dino World: Return cheats and tips will help you conquer the other villages, so gather your villagers and dinosaurs and lead the charge!

Tiny Dino World: Return is an interest mix of dinosaurs and base management. We’ve got some tips to ensure a sturdy village, so let’s get started with our Tiny Dino World: Return cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the missions!

The little box at the top left corner of the screen will show your next recommended mission. You should try to to follow these as they will ensure that your village stays up to date with all of the latest defense towers and stuff. What’s even more important is that completing these missions will reward you with the resources that you need to build more structures and unlock additional villager slots in your production facilities.

Use the right element!

Elemental affinities come into play when you’re attacking or defending. Fire beats wood, wood beats water, and water beats fire. Exploiting a tower’s weakness will cause your dino to do more damage, so try to use the right element! When playing a Story mode level or raiding another player’s village, you’re given the option of scouting – this lets you preview the target village and you can see what elements are placed in the towers.

Speaking of, the villagers you assign to your defensive towers is what determines the tower’s elemental affinity. Keep this in mind as you assign villagers and know that raiders will try their best to take advantage of it. Don’t leave any of your defensive structures empty, as they will be considered to have no element. Structures with no element take increased damage from ANY element!

Power up your dinos in the House of Chiefs!

If you’re planning to stop playing the game for a while, be sure to leave your main dinosaur inside the House of Chiefs. When a dino is stationed in the HOC, it can be powered up by fellow players. When it receives enough soul experience, its soul level will increase and become more powerful. Don’t forget to return the favor! You can enhance up to 20 random dinosaurs a day, you should always make sure to do this. Each enhancement you perform grants you a soul gem, the premium currency of the game.

Do the Friend Events!

Occasionally you’ll see a villager running around with an exclamation mark over their head. Tapping on them will give you some insight into the troubles, so try taking care of it for them! Some villagers will be chased by a wild animal, and you have to tap on the animal to capture them. Helping a villager with their problems will grant you friend points which you can use on the Friend Summon. Friend Summons can net you dinosaurs from 1star to 4star rarity. If you use the 10 summon, you’re guaranteed at least a 3star dinosaur. Friend summoning is the easiest way to get decent dinosaurs.

Get the best villagers!

Dana will bring new villagers for you at the front of the village gates. You can preview their stats here and accept or deny them. Pay attention to their ranks and try to accept only the best villagers. A-rank villagers have the best efficiency and performance, but don’t be too picky! If you have empty slots in important structures like your defense towers, be sure to fill them up right away. You can replace outdated villagers once you find better ones.

That’s all for Tiny Dino World: Return! If you’ve got any other tips to conquer the world of dinosaurs, let us know in the comments below!


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