Become a master marksman in Tiny Archers for iOS and Android! Tiny Archers is a tower defense game where you literally defend your single tower! Perched on top of the tower, you must aim true with your bow to fend off the hordes of aggressive goblins! It’s a very simple premise but the game is pretty fun. As par the course for an archery game, accuracy and precision are key here, so let’s get started with our Tiny Archers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. It’s OK if you don’t get head shots right away!


You learn in the tutorial that even if you don’t manage to nail a goblin in the head, it’s still pretty good! Head shots are always one hit kills, but body shots will make the enemy drag themselves forward after stopping for a brief moment. Landing an arrow in their feet will make the them stop for quite some time, enabling you to line up an easy head shot. Point is, it’s better to just aim in the general direction of the enemy rather than going for head shots all the time, unless you are 100% accurate with your shots!

2. Save those presents!

Sometimes when you kill a goblin, a finely wrapped present will spawn and it’ll fly up to the top of the screen. Tapping this present prompts you with an advertisement, and if you agree to watch it you will receive a free arrow refill afterwards. If you see a present spawn, keep in mind you don’t need to activate it right away. You can save it, and it’s probably best that you do. These advertisement presents can save you if you’re running dangerously low on arrows!

3. Complete the daily missions!

Three missions are assigned to you every day. Try to complete these before the day is over, as they will be replaced with new missions even if you haven’t completed them yet. The missions vary in difficulty, but they all reward you with gems, the premium currency of the game. A lot of them are missions you complete naturally by playing the game as you normally would, so you shouldn’t have to check the missions list too often.

4. Take out the archers right away!

Keep an eye on the radar at the top right. It’ll show you what types of goblins are coming down the lanes. If you see a green dot, be prepared to fire immediately! Green dots are the archer goblins, one of the few goblin types that can actually fight back. Once they show up on screen, they will usually fire off an arrow after a couple of steps. Your archer can only take about three arrows hits before they fall, so it’s very important you take out the goblin archers as soon as possible.

5. Save gold for the bow upgrades!

If you have the time to spare, it’s usually better to save your gold for the bow upgrades. Instead of spending gold on more arrows, watch the present advertisements to get a refill without spending gold. The better bows are more powerful, can hold more arrows, and have more special slots.

That’s all for Tiny Archers. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. Jeremy,

    Could you please tell me how I can switch to the special arrows like freeze arrow or others which I have unlocked? I only see the regular and armor piercing arrow available for selection on the screen.


  2. @Jeremy
    The character you start with is Adam who is equipped with a Training Bow. As you progress in levels you unlock better bows and special arrows. Once you’ve unlocked better “special” arrows, go to the Blacksmith. At the top of the screen you’ll see “Adam’s arrows”. Touch one of them and the icon changes to “Tap to equip”. Tap on the text “Tap to equip” and a picture of the “special” arrows currently available to you appears. Tap on the picture of the arrow you want to fill a “Special slot”.

    Good hunting!

  3. Thank you so much @Elfwynne. I didn’t notice the “Tap to equip” icon at all and kept playing with my regular and body piercing arrows and I was struck in Narin’s Day 5, where the shepherded “goblin mage” was killing Narin with the fire balls and I couldn’t defend. Now I got through Day 5! You are an MVP!!!! :)

    • Killing a giant: take your first shot on its legs, once the giant is on its knees, he will peak from behind his weapon four times before standing up again, time these peaks and try to get head shots. with an exploding arrow, 2 arrows will kill the without armor giant and 3 will kill the with armour giant, but I suggest using only normal arrows as no other goblins spawn when the giant is on screen and you can take your time to kill it.

  4. In bens mode at day 15 we are getting one monster at the end but cant able to kill him by using special arrows also please tell me how can we kill himm

  5. In bens mode at day 16 we are getting one monster at the end but cant able to kill him by using special arrows also please tell me how can we kill himm


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