You and a group of people have become shipwrecked, and now you’re stranded on a lost island! Tinker Island: Survival Adventure is a time management game for iOS and Android. Become the leader of the other survivors and take charge! It’s up to you to manage everyone’s individual skills and assign the right tasks. Build a camp site and various structures to ensure your survival and make sure your food is in ample supply! We’ll help you survive your island adventure with our Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving!

1. Always use the right survivor for the job!

Naturally, survivors comes with different occupations, and that means different skills! Skills are divided into four categories: explore (magnifying glass), forage (hand), build (hammer), and fight (sword). Each action that you can take on tinker island corresponds to one of these skills, and as you can probably guess, using suitable survivors will provide the most efficient results.

For example, using a survivor with high explore to explore regions of the map will result in the progress bar going up more. The rate at which progress bars go up is directly equal to the total matching skill of survivors you set. So, if you have two survivors both with 10 explore, setting them both to explore a region will up the progress bar by 20!

2. Leave the game open!

Stick around and stay a while! More often than not, you will find yourself with multiple processes going on. One will have an hour or more wait on it, while a different process only takes a couple of seconds. To get the most of your exploration, leave the game open so you can continuously send out people to do the quick, short-term tasks.

3. Set a forager to your fishing spot!

After you have fully explored a couple of areas, your survivors will eventually find a fishing spot. Fishing spots will become your main source of food, so you want to make sure you have a survivor stationed on it at all times. They will generate food for you over time. If you upgrade it to rank 2, the fishing spot will start to receive bonus food from forage survivors, so make sure you choose the right survivor! If you are actively playing the game and your pretty topped off on food, you can take your survivor off the fishing spot and use them for other tasks.

4. Watch the package advertisements!

A white package will be found eventually and it will sit in the bottom left corner of your camp site. Tapping this lets you watch a 30 second advertisement in exchange for a gem, the premium currency of the game. It is a typical gesture of a mobile game, but if you have all your survivors out running tasks, you will be waiting anyways, so why not earn some gems at the same time? You can watch up to 10 advertisements a day, and the counter resets once it is a new day.

5. Prioritize your buildings!

Different buildings will provide different effects for your survivors, but it is important to know which ones do what.

  • Your bonfire unlocks new buildings for you to build. Since this is closest thing linked to progression, this should be your top priority.
  • Water cisterns increase all of your survivors skills by a certain amount. The more it is upgraded, the bigger the skill bonus. This helps a ton in the long run, making your tasks much more efficient.
  • Tents and shelter provide storage space for your resources. This should be your second priority, as you do not want a single point of food, wood, or whatever go to waste.
  • Maps provide all of your survivors with a explore bonus. This helpful for scouting out new areas faster but is probably the least of your priorities, at least early on.

6. Save your gems!

Gems are pretty hard to come by in this game, and to unlock some of the best survivors you are going to need a ton of gems. Do not waste them on speeding up tasks; conserve them as much as you can. Watch advertisements, complete the achievements, and connect a Kongregate account to earn some easy gems.

That’s all for Tinker Island: Survival Adventure. If you have any other survival tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I am stuck with the 4th cave its a sub meridian cave or atleast the game says so its like a big maze witch you have to pic directions can anyone plz help i have struggeled for a day and i still have no clue PLZZZ HELP !!!

  2. I’m trying to complete the winter update new island thing. I don’t have enough wood!! I already bought one pack of wood but it wasn’t enough. Does anyone have any tips on getting wood fast???


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