During the 19th century, renowned electrical engineer Nikola Tesla discovers a powerful energy source known as “ether”. With potential even greater than electricity, ether would have change the world as we know it. But… that never happened.

Chroniric: Time Reapers is an interactive story game where you guide a secret time traveling agent known as “Echo XIX^” through her efforts to discover the truth behind Tesla and ether.

Echo XIX^ works for a secret society known as the “Scribes,” a group of gifted citizens who have the ability to travel through time. Their ultimate goal is to create the perfect world for humankind, and thus they seek to alter history in favorable ways.

Chroniric: Time Reapers plays like a full-fledged novel, but you – the reader – is merely an assistant in the grand scheme of things. Through a series of events, Echo XIX^ will contact you through messages and ask for your guidance at certain parts of the game.

Your choice may alter the flow of the story, so think wisely before you pick! Echo XIX^’s journey takes place over several real-time days, meaning that she will leave you briefly whenever you get her an answer. The game will notify you when she attempts to contact you next.

With multiple endings and two different ways to approach situations, there is no clear ending to this tale. Will you help Echo XIX^ see the end? Chroniric: Time Reapers is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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