For some reason, in my case, Throne Wars managed to rise above the crowd of empire building games and got me hooked on it instantly, despite a very slow progression bar and a ton of waiting for resources to be ready and constructions to be finished. But it fits perfectly for quick play during 5 minute breaks, and that is exactly what I am doing with it.

I am also starting to consider myself a pretty solid player in the world of Throne Wars and I am here to share with you a set of tips and tricks for the iOS game to make sure that you are on the right track!


1. Follow the quests (to a point)
Usually, in this type of games, following and completing the quests is the easy way to progress naturally and Throne Wars makes no exception. Pretty early on, though, the game will focus on asking you to research a lot of things, which you should reconsider because…

2. Build up resources first!
You need resources! If you follow the quest line, progress will be insanely slow. Instead, upgrade your resource producing buildings and storage as fast as possible (go all the way to level 5 for starters) in order to have what to work with. Only then resume focus on the Quests and the research requirements.

3. Build, research, train
Although you can’t build or upgrade two buildings at the same time, you can easily do some research, building and troop training at the same time. So make sure that you are always busy with something, especially research which takes a lot to complete.

4. Buy resources from the shop
The silver coins that you get can be used to purchase resource stacks. Make sure you purchase these only when really required, otherwise you won’t have money for your heroes!

5. Only choose the best heroes!
Each hero has their own set of special abilities and you can check them out by tapping the magnifying glass icon near their name. It’s a good idea to invest in a hero that gives boosts to production and storage and maybe defense to have as a mayor, while your troops should get a general to improve their stats. Also, don’t hesitate to spend the silver on leveling up your heroes, because their bonuses will also increase!

6. Research Administration ASAP
Available in the castle, this should be researched as soon as possible as it gives you the option to have one more settlement in your kingdom and therefore improve your resource gain. Extremely valuable as early on as possible!

7. Always spy enemies before attacking!
Unless you really know what you are up against (inactive players), make sure that you always spy on an enemy before attacking them. Even if you have previously attacked and succeeded, it doesn’t mean you will again. Sending the right hero also improves your chances of successful spying.

8. Build up your army and wait for more features
The option to join alliances will be coming soon in Throne Wars, so make sure that you build up your troops, have the market ready and be prepared for when the alliances arrive. That’s when the real fun will begin and it’s best to be prepared!

9. Change your player’s name
A final tip: Tap on your name (player3243423 or whatever numbers there are there) and change it to something original and nice. If you don’t change your name, you will get a lot more attacks in as people will consider that you are inactive and they will want to farm on you. The opposite works and it’s a good idea to focus on attacking players who have not changed their names as this proves that they are not that active or prepared.

Do you have other tips and tricks to share with us for Throne Wars? Let us know by commenting!



    • Im still not sure what the maximum lvl for heroes is yet but I know for sure the stars stay the same whether you upgrade them or not…but I recommend that you start buying heroes early as they will be cheap. As you rise up, so will the price for heroes.

      • I had play the game for 1 years.. start to buy the heroes when your level is high.. when your level was high you will get more star of heroes.. the stars of heroes depend on your level

  1. I have created multiple accounts in the same server and moved all cities close together. Through this, I have proven successful as a player. But this tactic only works if you don’t mind spending money for gems.

  2. Anyone that is a level 40 or higher wants to join my clan let me know my name is gmoney on throne wars my location is sw 209,359 on the nova severe

  3. My castle is level 12 on one of my settlements and wont let me level up till i have my university and to get the university i have to research architecture, but i have no researches available? How can i get past this?

  4. I accidentally uninstalled my throne wars game and reinstalled it again but now the game is making me start a new settlement how can I get my old settlement back as it is still in the game I have 5 settlements under the name Natasha Dunn and I’m at level 83 I am also a member of the peaceMY alliance can anyone please help as I don’t want to start over as I have worked so hard for about 5 months now to get to this level and I really love the game

    • Contact flare games via feedback tab in game. There you have to choose lost account option and raise ticket. Forum Is the best place to ask this question.

    • Hey natasha u hav to contact with throne wars cust care . I faced sam pbl. . I was a level 85 player . Nw got my gam back .

  5. for new player
    buy rulers chest
    it give additional worker and many bonus
    then as u progress u will be awarded gems ,save them to buy additional castle
    for warlords buy heroes that have attack,defence, speed, escape
    use one castle for only infantry another castle for only archer another only Calvary another only catapults
    to battle time all of separate army to hit at once
    for Mayor heroes buy only protector that have 5star farm,troop attack and defence and trade bonus

  6. i need help. i was playing throne wars game. but for network problem i can’t back up it. at the main time . my windowsphone get some problem and my game got delated. now i want it back how can i get it back.please help me. plz plz plz

  7. Is there a way to get a map of entire server? Vahoell, Fatum, Mayda and Attica to be exact. Very annoying not to be able to see entire server. Would be helpful like in other game such as Clash of Kings.

  8. Guys make 2 castle far away don’t attack anyone with it I use as a back up I send multiple spy to good report. when we attack some player ran away so lock them you get silver and war lord point


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