Attention all thrill seekers: Thrill Rush is officially open! Take on the world’s craziest roller coaster tracks and see if you can survive to the finish line! Ride in style and pull off sick stunts to earn coins and upgrade your rides and riders! Our Thrill Rush cheats and tips will show you how to become an expert thrill seeker.

Thrill Rush is a 2D physics based racing game, so it’s all about controlling your speed and motion. It’s a fun game once you get the hang of it, so let’s get started with our Thrill Rush cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Gotta go fast!

The only criteria that you need to satisfy in order to get all three stars for the level is time. Each star – bronze, silver, and gold – is awarded to you if you manage to beat the level under a certain time.

If you are aiming specifically for stars, focus on staying on the track and going as fast as you can. Do not slow down for anything and ignore all the collectibles!

Pull off awesome stunts by rotating!

If you can do a full rotation before your ride hits the ground, you will pull off a stunt! Stunts are helpful because they reward you with hard-earned coins, AND they also provide you with a little speed boost once you hit ground, assuming you land the stunt correctly.

Before you attempt to pull off a stunt, make sure that you have enough speed as you go off a ramp. Attempting to rotate without enough speed will make you turn very slow and you risk falling on your head!

Be on the lookout for rare collectibles!

There are a ton of coins scattered about the tracks, but did you know that each level has a hidden diamond tucked away somewhere? These are essentially free diamonds if you can manage to find them, but just know that they do not respawn after you collect them so you cannot collect the same ones over and over again.

In addition to diamonds, there are also piles of cash. These beauties are extremely awesome because they are worth 100 coins! Needless to say, be on the lookout and grab them if you can!

Slow down to find goodies!

If you are not worried about stars, try to go through the track slowly. You will definitely find more things this way as there is less chance of you just zooming past something. In fact, have you noticed that the game likes to put speed boosters when you are about to go off a ramp?

The reason for this is that the track designers have a tendency to hide things right after the ramp, meaning that you will probably fly right over the treasure because you are just going too darn fast. Once you see speed boosters leading up to an ascending track, be very suspicious – there is likely a hidden item nearby!

Take part in the leagues!

Once you have upgraded your ride and character enough, why not tackle a League Challenge? There are three leagues:

  • Bronze League – unlocked by default
  • Silver League – unlocked at level 3
  • Gold League – unlocked at level 10

League Challenges present you with a infinitely-generated course, and you must do your best to go as far as possible before you run out of time. This means you’ll need to beef up your Speed stats before you have a good shot at placing high on the leaderboards.

The better you place on the leaderboards, the better your rewards will be. For example, if you can place first in the Bronze League, you’ll earn 500 diamonds for your skills! You need to pay a coin fee every time you want to attempt the challenge, so make sure to do it only when you have enough upgrades.

That’s all for Thrill Rush! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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