Three-Star Attack Strategy for Clash of Clans’ Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has a wide variety of troops equipped with abilities and skills. While almost all troops are unique, some have the same background, like dragons, baby dragons, electro dragons, etc.

In Clash of Clans, players can boost baby dragons into inferno dragons using the super sauna next to the trader’s hut. Unlike baby dragons, inferno dragons do not deal splash damage. Instead, they shoot an inferno beam of fire which builds up DPS over time like single-target inferno towers.

Electro dragons and super dragons from the dragon family are more famous than inferno dragons. But these little dragons are nothing to be underestimated. Inferno dragons can wreak havoc on Clash of Clans bases when used properly.

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How to Three-Star using Inferno Dragon in Clash of Clans

In this Clash of Clans guide, we look at inferno dragons and how to get triple stars using them. Like baby dragons, inferno dragons are squishy and do not have many health points. Moreover, they need a little time before reaching their full damage potential. But before they charge up, heroes and defensive builds like air defenses, x-bows, eagle artillery, etc., will quickly kill the inferno dragons.

An inferno dragon army usually consists of 9-10 inferno dragons, 4 dragon riders, 9-10 balloons, 2 rage spells, 4-5 freeze spells, 4-5 skeleton spells, and 1 poison spell. The army composition can always vary depending on the enemy’s base.

When using an inferno dragon army, players have to make sure the swarm of inferno dragons head straight towards the core. Players are recommended to use their heroes and, if required, siege machines to funnel inferno dragons. Place the inferno dragons in a straight line across one side of the base.

Players will need to send tanky defense targetting air troops like lava hound or dragon rider to protect the inferno dragons. These troops will tank the defenses while inferno dragons will take care of other buildings and eventually funnel into the core of the base.

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X-bows and single-target inferno towers are deadly for inferno dragons. Players can use skeleton spells to summon an army of skeletons to distract x-bows and inferno towers from inferno dragons. Players should prioritize destroying buildings like air defenses, scattershots, and eagle artillery to make the raid successful.

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Three-Star Attack Strategy for Clash of Clans’ Inferno Dragon


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