The nice platform game Thomas Was Alone, developed by Bossa Studios, is finally available for purchase on iPhone. The game has been released not too long ago on the App Store but it was only playable on iPad.

Thomas Was Alone features some cubes of artificial intelligence who have to work together to overcome puzzles and obstacles in order to clear each stage. The game’s narrative and storyline is one of the game’s strongest aspects and manages to carry the game forward even with its flawed gameplay experience. Most gamers will probably cut the game some slack, as the narrative is really, really good.

Thomas Was Alone has also recently received a new update, which includes a new level and more. The update is available for free so you will receive it alongside the main game if you purchase the iPhone version right now. This new version of the game should also play like the PlayStation Vita and iPad releases, with no real new addition outside tweaked controls and a few other things.

Thomas Was Alone is now available for purchase on the App Store. Make sure to check out the game if you like games that try to do something different. Thomas Was Alone is a flawed experience in a a way, but it’s also quite memorable.


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