During last weekend’s VGX Awards, Eidos Montreal gave viewers the rundown on the new mobile companion app which will tie into their upcoming Thief game.

According to Eidos, the app will come in two different versions; “light” and “full.” The light version will be available ahead of the full game’s February 25, 2014 launch date absolutely free and will allow users to browse trailers, artwork, screenshots, character bios and a full story synopsis for the game.


Once Thief officially launches, an enhanced “full” version of the app will be available for $2.99 and will allow players to track their in-game stats, compare their looting exploits with other players via various leaderboards, consult the game’s wiki page complete with interactive maps, read the first two issues of Dark Horse’s upcoming comic book tie-in series, and even purchase exclusive Thief merchandise right from their mobile device.

Eidos has also confirmed that pre-ordering the game through GameStop will allow players to download the app’s full version for free along with all of the other pre-order incentives which include the game’s soundtrack and an exclusive “Bank Heist” in-game mission.

No word yet on when exactly the app’s light version will be available but considering the game is roughly two months away from being released, it will likely be sometime soon.



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