Now that some time has passed since the launch of the highly popular Pokemon Go, it’s time to go a bit more in depth with our guides. One of the questions that we are asked most often is which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go and which Pokemon have the highest potential CP, as well as attack values and defense values.

Thanks to a reddit user who managed to get access to the game’s data files, we can now share all the details with you and tell you which are the best Pokemon in the game, sorted by CP, Attack or Defense values. However, it’s worth noting that these are all theoretical and your actual numbers might vary, depending on the Pokemon that you get. The numbers here are based on perfect Pokemon with a maximum Trainer level: so the best you can get.


In order to actually calculate the perfection level (or how it’s usually called: the IV level), you will have to use a tool like Pokeassistant.

Now let’s get back to today’s topic and let’s find out which are the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. We’ll start with the best Pokemon in the game in terms of maximum possible CP:

1. MewTwo: Max 4,145 CP
2. Dragonite: Max 3,500 CP
3. Mew: 3,299 CP
4. Moltres: 3,240 CP
5. Zapdos: 3,114 CP
6. Snorlax: 3,112 CP
7. Arcanine: 2,983 CP
8. Lapras: 2,981 CP
9. Articuno: 2,978 CP
10. Exegguttor: 2,955 CP
11. Vaporeon 2,816 CP
12. Gyarados: 2,688 CP
13. Flareon: 2.643 CP
14. Muk: 2,602 CP
15. Slowbro: 2,597 CP

(let us know by commenting below if you would find a complete ranking of the Pokemon by the maximum CP they can get).

Here are the Pokemon that cause the most damage (attack ratio):

1. Mewtwo: 284
2. Dragonite: 250
3. Moltres: 242
4. Flareon: 238
5. Zapdos: 232
6. Exeggutor: 232
7. Arcanine: 230
8. Victreebel: 222
9. Mew: 220
10. Magmar: 214

Finally, here are the pokemon with the best Defense ratio in Pokemon Go:

1. Articuno: 242
2. Blastoise: 222
3. Mew: 220
4. Dragonite: 211
5. Hitmonchan: 204
6. Mewtwo: 202
7. Poliwrath: 202
8. Omastar: 202
9. Marowak: 202
10. Venusaur: 200

So these would be the top Pokemon in the game based on their potential at maximum levels. It’s not a big surprise to see the rare Pokemon on this list!

Cheers, Reddit user __isitin__ for digging through the game’s data and making it easier for us to grab the numbers.



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