The Hunted is a brand new multiplayer experience! Pick one of the nine unique hunters and outwit your opponents! Vision is everything, so dodge, sneak, and trap your enemies by clever environmental use. We’ll help you become the best hunter with our The Hunted cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Play around with all the hunters and choose a favorite!


Right now, normally you’d only be able to play as the default human hunter, but there’s a promo going on! Because the game just launched, you’re free to choose any of the nine heroes. Usually they cost real money to unlock, but go ahead and try them all out and see which one is your favorite. Our personal favorite is Ogre, as he has an extremely deadly melee attack that has pretty decent reach. Each hunter has three weapons: a primary, secondary, and a melee attack. Try them all!

2. Stay on the move and check all your angles!

So, as we said before, vision is everything in this game! Your immediate line of sight is realistic, so it’s determined by what’s around you. Is your character not facing a certain direction? Well don’t expect to see that way! The key is to always stay on the move and try to keep your head on a swivel. Always be checking around you to update your surrounding area. A cleared area might have a player in there the second time you pass through, so keep checking! Also, be on the look out for little sparks and effects. Even if you’re not looking in that direction, you will always see a spark or bullet effect appear on the screen briefly. This is a very big clue on where another player might be, so keep your eyes peeled!

3. Scavenge for power ups!

There are plenty of useful power ups scattered throughout the maps. There’s the all-important health kit which fully restores your health, the double damage power up that lets you dominate your foes, and the shield power up that protects you for a brief amount of time. If you’re not actively hunting down an opponent, you should be running around the map collecting as many power ups as you can to avoid letting the enemies get them.

4. Use your secondaries wisely!

Each hunter has a secondary weapon. Most of them function like a trap or a mine. Place these in strategic spots, such as a power up location, or around a warp pad for awesome results! Do note though that these traps will automatically go off on their own after a certain amount of time, but they’re perfect for catching an opponent off guard.

5. Don’t like the sticks moving? Enable static sticks!

Your movement and shooting directional sticks will change to match whatever area of the left and right side screens you tap on. If you don’t like this, you can enable static sticks in the settings menu which keeps the sticks locked in place. We found this better as there were many times where we tried to activate one of our secondaries or melee attacks only to have the shooting stick move. See which one you like the best!

That should be all you need to know to become the ultimate hunter. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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