The You Testament Cheats: Tips & Guide to Rewrite History Your Own Way

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In today’s article we will feature our best The You Testament tips and cheats that will help you make the best decisions in game and help you live a long and prosperous life, to see history unfold before your very eyes.

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As the game follows kind of a religious page in history, it is not all about that; it is about you creating your very own life during that period, and seeing how every little decision you make will change the outcome of the future. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into our The You Testament: The 2D Coming tips and tricks!

Collect more money

On your travels, you will sometimes see a couple of coins tossed on the floor. Don’t be shy and go right ahead and cash them in. You are going to need them for various reasons, so make sure you collect them whenever you see them.

Pay your taxes in time

Just as you start off with the game, you will have one of the biggest encounters, one that will basically change your character and the way you play the game. It is going to happen once the guard will come and ask you to pay the taxes. If you agree, everything will be fine and you can carry on with your game.

If you disagree, you will be thrown in jail. Here, a whole new story unfolds and you can even become a guard for the kingdom. It is really your choice whether or not you want to keep your character as it is or turn into a guard, but I prefer the former.

Visit all the locations

It is best if you walk around the map to explore all the available locations, so you can have a general idea about what happens everywhere. Sometimes, you will be asked to visit a different location to continue the interactions.

When that happens, do as you are told and you will be placed right into the center of the story.

Kill livestock for food

As the game progresses, you will get hungry; a lot. You will need to eat to sustain your health bar to full, as well as sleep. When you see chickens and rabbits, you can easily head on to them with a knife and kill them. Once they are dead, they will drop some food that you can then eat.

However, if you keep on eating while you are already full, you will start puking, so try not to do that as much as possible. The health bar can be restored by sleeping, but I suggest sleeping on a bed instead of a floor, because that will not decrease the energy levels.

Refill your energy bar

If you want to be able to move around quickly and fulfill everything that you have to do, you’re going to need energy for that. It can be restored by reading or meditating, which you can do once you’ve learned it.

To meditate, simply hold the eye icon and you will start meditating. This is great for developing a healthy body and mind.

Change your calling

If you have become a guard for the empire, you can change that anytime (well, almost). You will need  to become more spiritual and wise, and that will change you into a disciple.  Once you are spiritual enough, and you become a disciple, you can do other things, but be careful! The faction you have left may turn against you!

Pick someone up to save them

Whenever you see somebody lying on the floor possibly dying, you can always save their life by simply picking them up in your arms. It’s nothing a little kindness can’t do, right?

Pick up scrolls and learn new stuff

Whenever you see a scroll on the ground, head on there and pick it up to interact with it. You will sometimes learn something new, like a “crafting recipe” that you may find very useful throughout the game.

There is a little cheat to this, however, and you can try to ‘abuse’ it to learn stuff faster and with much less effort. It will require you to only find one scroll and pick it up. After you have it, press the U button to use it. As soon as you have read it, don’t discard it and press the U button again and again. 

This will refresh the tip you get from that scroll, so you can do it for an infinite amount of times (or until you get bored of doing it). It might give you a few generic tips about the game, but most of them are useful recipes that will let you create new items.

Here are a few useful things you can learn by reading the scrolls: 

– The only way to kill lepers is to destroy their brain (kinda like zombies, am I right?).

– Meat is worth much more than fruits and vegetables, nutritionally speaking (in the game at least, vegans might have a different opinion).

– You know that stone covering the tomb, right? Well, if you have enough strength, you can push it to uncover the tomb.

– Feeling especially hot today? If you want to be a legit arsonist, you can deliberately spread fire by combining it with another object. It might have its own purpose, try it out!

– If you want to sell objects to the market, you can simply drop them near coins.

– If you’re wielding a bow and arrow, you can reload it by simply combining it with wood. Makes sense, right?

Useful “recipes” for several tools:

Hammer: obtained by combining wood and stone.

Spear: obtained by combining a blade and a cane.

Dagger: obtained by combining a blade and wood.

Sword: obtained by combining a blade and a dagger.

Pick-axe: obtained by hammering an axe.

Wall: obtained by combining two rocks.

Crops: obtained by combining leaves with fruit.

Fire: obtained by rubbing two logs of wood together. 

These are a few items that we have discovered by reading these scrolls. If you know some other cool ones, leave a comment down below to share with everyone your findings!

In the meantime, these are all of The You Testament: The 2D Coming tips and tricks we have for now! Also, as much as the game’s unique playstyle incites us, we’re sure you have some other cool tips to share with us and everyone else, so make sure you comment down below everything that you discover about the game!

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The You Testament Cheats: Tips & Guide to Rewrite History Your Own Way

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