The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Last week, we reported that The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the last season of the adventure game developed by Telltale Games, is going to be completed by an external studio which should employ former Telltale Games developers. Now, we finally know who is going to complete the game.

In a rather interesting twist, it’s been confirmed that Skybound Games will complete the series in place of Telltale Games. The twist here is the Skybound Games is the indie publishing outfit for Rober Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.

While details have yet to be confirmed in full, it’s highly likely that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be finished by former members of Telltale, as rumored last week.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season has received so far only three of the five episodes. The fourth one was supposed to release on November 6th, while the fourth on December 18th. It’s not yet known if these release dates will be confirmed, but there’s a good chance that the episodes may be delayed. Not surprising, considering everything that has happened.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season first three episodes have been released on a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android devices.


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