The Walking Dead

The release of the final episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season by Telltale is in jeopardy, with the company having laid off pretty much all of its staff, but there’s the chance that fans of the series may see the final season’s ending in the future.

Kotaku recently reported that Telltale Games is currently negotiating with other studios to complete development of the remaining two episodes.

Development of the third one is pretty much complete, while the fourth one is far from being finished, despite some work already having been done. The other studio would complete work on both episodes with the help of former Telltale developers, who should be contracted just for the completion of the game.

Those two people also said that episode three of The Walking Dead’s final season is essentially finished. In fact, they said, it was scheduled for a ratings review, which traditionally happens in the final stages of a game’s development prior to being sent for platform certification and to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, on the very day the mass layoffs occurred. All it still needed was a couple weeks of polish.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is one of the company’s most beloved franchises, so seeing it end properly would definitely make more than a few players happy.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season first two episodes have been released on a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android.


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