The Sword And Lovers is, despite the flowery name, a true action RPG with fast-paced combat full of deadly skills! Step in the world of a beautiful eastern fantasy world inspired by the Ming dynasty. Fly around the world using special abilities and become a true mystical hero. You can even get married to other players! Our The Sword And Lovers cheats and tips will show you how to build the ultimate hero.

The Sword And Lovers is all about building your hero right and using all of your skills, so let’s get started with our The Sword And Lovers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Main Quests!

The Main Quests are listed on the left side of the screen. Simply tap the quest box and your hero will automatically move towards their next objective. Your hero will even fight for you as well – you can let the game run on auto-pilot essentially! Not only will you level up naturally as you complete the main quests, you’ll also advance the story and unlock essential upgrades for your hero.

As long as you’re focusing on the main quests, you’ll receive experience at a steady pace. You’ll unlock lots and lots of different upgrades for your hero.

Save your Bronze Ingots!

One of the potential awards you can get from completing story missions are Bronze Ingots (they show up in-game as B. Ingots). Treat these like a premium currency, because they essentially are! They’re given to you rarely and you spend them on quick things like upgrade pills for your aide and relic, among other things.

Here’s the catch though – just about anything you can buy with B. Ingots you can also find out somewhere in the world, whether from enemies or dungeons. Be sure that you’re spending them wisely because you don’t get that many!

Clear the Solo Dungeons!

Solo Dungeons unlock after you’ve reached a certain level. As the name implies, these mini-dungeons are tackled by you and you alone. There are several subcategories to solo dungeons, and each one can reward you with different goodies.

The main and probably the dungeon you’ll be frequently visiting is the Upgrade Dungeon. In here you can find levels that drop upgrade pills for you relic, aide, wings, and so forth. Solo Dungeons can only be challenged every so often, so you’ll need to wait for the dungeon to re-open or pay up regular ingots. Be sure to challenge solo dungeons as soon as they’re up to ensure you get lots of stuff sooner.

Power up your Sword Array!

While your gear is important to the overall strength of your hero, nothing is more important than the Sword Array. This is essentially your main weapon, and it must be powered up in a specific way. Your Sword Array must accumulate experience points like normal, but how it does so is unique.

Let’s say for example your Sword Array needs 25 total experience to get to the next level. It’ll receive experience from you adventuring in certain places. You can explore EXP Dungeons, do Daily Quests, and so on. Just take a look on the list at the right side of the Sword Array window to see where you can get you experience from.

Certain places have higher exp caps than others, but it doesn’t matter where the exp comes from as long as the Sword Array reaches it total. Remember that you need to manually upgrade it once it’s gotten enough exp!

That’s all for The Sword And Lovers. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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