The Story of Angry Birds Legends: A Cancelled Angry Birds RPG

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A sad fate for the furious avians.

Once upon a time, in 2009, there was an epic game called Angry Birds that was developed and released by Rovio Games. And, well, the rest was history.

The game turned into a highly-successful franchise, that saw players utilizing various birds to take down a bunch of evil pigs who stole their eggs.

However, not all was bright and sunny for Rovio Entertainment. In March of 2020, the company released their newest titled called Angry Birds Legends, which met a fate that no one saw coming.

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The gameplay was highly incomplete and was only playable till the early-game content. The player started off playing with a female human. After defeating the first enemy, it was possible to play as the ‘Red’ bird. finally, Red and the Woman had to face and defeat the first boss, Foreman Pig.

The Beginning

Angry Birds Legends saw its soft launch on the 1st of March, 2020, in a few countries, which was done to see how the game would be received. Rovio Entertainment began to notice how poorly the game was performing, a large part of which was attributed to another game that they had soft-launched, called Chronicles of Legends.

Angry Birds Legends and Chronicles of Legends were nearly identical in nature. The games possessed identical characters, gameplay features, as well as loading screens. Even the game’s descriptions had just minor differences between them.

The End

Following only a few months of development, Angry Birds Legends was canceled, as the game was not meeting the numbers the company foresaw it rising to. The Battle Pass was handed out free and all microtransactions that the players made prior to November 5 were refunded.

On December 4, 2020, Rovio announced that the game had officially stopped with further development, having all microtransactions made after November 5 automatically refunded.

The game continued to be playable until February of 2021, which was when the servers were finally shut down.

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The Story of Angry Birds Legends: A Cancelled Angry Birds RPG


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