The Sims 4: How To Move Objects Freely

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The Sims 4 allows players to live out their very own simulated world, controlling Sims and creating their worlds. Players can design and build houses, decorate them inside with furniture and other items, and create their dream homes. It can be tricky to create a dream home with the spacial constraints of the game so we have a fix for you so you can move objects more easily! Find out below in ‘The Sims 4: How to Move Objects Freely.

Moving Objects Freely in The Sims 4

There is a cheat you can use to move objects more freely and easily, and help you build the ultimate dream home for your Sims. The cheat allows you to select objects and rotate them, or move them up or down, placing them exactly where you desire.

To turn on this cheat follow these steps:

  1. Open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + Shift + C
  2. Type bb.moveobjects
  3. Press Enter

The move cheat will now be enabled. To disable to cheat just open the cheat console again and enter in the same command again.

The Sims 4 gameplay (via EA)

Once the cheat is enabled it is a good idea to play around with it for a while to get used to how things can now be moved about. To rotate items press Alt while moving the objects.To move objects UP press 9, and to move the objects DOWN press 0.

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Once you are used to how the movement works, it is easy to use and ensure every item is where it should be to create your dream Sims home.

Next up, why not check out more mods and cheats such as the Basemental Drugs mod, or the Realistic Childbirth Mod? There are also a vast array of The Sims 4 Expansion Packs to choose from, why not check out what’s available? Good luck and have fun!

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The Sims 4: How To Move Objects Freely


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