Much like the long-running animated show off which it’s based, the free iOS mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out has weathered the test of time with over a year of free monthly updates; the latest of which is based off the series’ popular Halloween-themed ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episodes.

The new Halloween update adds in several new features such as new characters, buildings, quests, and activities. Players can help the citizens of Springfield defend themselves from Spooky Specters which have invaded the town and, by doing so, earn the update’s unique GOO currency which can in turn be used to unlock unique rewards. Defeating Spooky Specters also gives players a chance to acquire some mischievous Gremlins which they can then unleash into a friend’s game in order to earn bonus GOO.


Other distractions including assembling a giant ray gun to help fend off invading aliens, assembling a brand new ride in KrustyLand, and, of course, taking in all the new Halloween-themed sights and decorations. Lastly, fans who tune into the upcoming Treehouse of Horror XXIV Simpsons episode which airs this coming Sunday (October 6th) can find out how to unlock an exclusive costume for Homer in Tapped Out.

The Halloween update for The Simpsons: Tapped Out is available for download right now via the iTunes store.



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