Legendary pirate captain John Rackham has tapped into ancient voodoo magic, and now he’s on a quest to bring the Flying Gang back from the dead. The Pirate: Plague of the Dead is a high seas open-world pirate adventure. Follow Rackham’s story as he resurrected his fallen crew or sail the seven seas in search for treasure and adventure! Our The Pirate: Plague of the Dead cheats and tips will help you get your swashbuckling adventure started!

There’s lots to do in this great pirate adventure, so don’t feel pressured to complete the story. You can simply sail and fight ships if you so wish, and our The Pirate: Plague of the Dead cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to get the most out of your adventure!

Master sailing!

You will see a line of three arrows pointing in a direction around your ship. This denotes the current direction and speed the wind is flowing in, and you’ll need to maneuver your ship accordingly. If you point your ship in the exact opposite direction, you’ll see a red cone start to form. This is the no-go zone, and if your ship is facing the center of it, you’ll hear one of your crewmates that you’re in the “irons” – this means that you’ve got zero forward motion.

To work around this you’ll need to build speed from the wind, then rocking back and forth through the opposite direction. Be sure to speed up the game time if you want to make this process go by a little quicker. It can be tough sailing against the wind, but it’s possible!

Use flags to get the jump on enemies!

The tutorial will teach you how to trick enemy ships into thinking you’re from a specific country. This allows you to get the first strike on them as they won’t be hostile to you when you’re in proximity. It’s important to keep in mind that you can only do this once before you’re marked as a pirate, thus enabling any further enemies to see through your disguise. To remedy this you can change the name of your ship, but it’s quite costly to do so. Make your surprise attack count, as you may not get another one for some time.

Play the Market!

When visiting a city, you can stop by the local tavern. If you buy a round of beer for the people inside, you may hear some gossip and rumors, which usually amounts to the current price of items. You may hear that a certain item is super cheap somewhere or expensive. Check the city’s shop and look for any prices that are highlighted in green – that means it’s selling for cheaper than usual. In addition to buying lots of the item and using it for yourself, you can also travel on over to the town where the item in question is expensive and sell it back for profit. Buy low, sell high!

Each of the commodity items have battle usage. Rum, for example, will temporarily boost your ship’s speed by 10%. Keep in mind however that you need a specific captain equipped before you’re able to use the item like this.

Stay on the move during combat!

The quickest way to end up in Davy Jones’ locker is to remain a sitting duck during a battle. Don’t just sit there and let the enemy take free shots on you – stay on the move! Rotate the camera so that you can keep the enemy in your sights and use the appropriate guns. Try to align your target with your targeting cone so that they meet at the very end of the cone. If your target is too close to your ship, your shots will end up flying right over them.

Don’t forget about your captain’s special ability as well. Certain captains have active abilities that can be used from the submenu above your sails’ button. If you see an (A) next to the ability, that means it must be manually activated while a (P) denotes a passive ability that is always active. For example, Edward Teach’s explosive powder kegs is an active ability that lets your ship drop explosive barrel traps behind it. Great for getting ships off your tail!

That’s all for The Pirate: Plague of the Dead! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. i don’t know if this work for everyone. If you buy ammo like chain ball or normal cannon ball in another port (not yours) it will cost 1 Gold, and you can sell it at your port with 2 Gold. That means you have 100% profit from it. I play this game at windows 10

  2. And Never buy ship from port if you want to use it for battle. They have weaker attack but have more storage capacity, so you can use it for safe trading(with clean name, you can go to another port without being attack because you’re pirates)

  3. Trading or trying to run product between markets is a poor time ROI. Max out ship crew capacity and boarding skills upgrades. Capturing ships and selling their product and ships is much more profitable. Early on when dealing with small ships and trying to capture larger, use one to board but disengage before sinking then bring in a second/third to finish the fight and re-crew to get it back to port.

  4. In this game I have learnt a lot.
    1. You buy Ammunition at Pirate Only Ports. You also find 1 PORT of which you capture and build up to level 6 Fort ASAP, might cost a bit, but well worth it. Use this port to upgrade everything to MAX so it speeds up production on items and has maxed out storage space for you to put things in for later on selling or trading.
    2. Also when going out and trying to capture a ship that’s guarded by others, lure the other ships out, sink them (even if you have to RAM them in the side then fire your cannons) and then when you get close to the ship you want to capture use GRAPESHOT which kills CREW, get it down to at least 1/2 or 1/4th of the ship before Boarding the ship to kill the rest. If it’s a 1st Tier or 2nd Tier Identified ship by name, Do not attack this thinking you can capture it, unless you are commanding at least 4-5 ships around it to fire at it alone. The 1st Tier and 2nd Tier named ships have anywhere from 350-500 Crew on-board whom can kill your boarding crew and then make you have to restart. Just FYI, don’t panic if you lose your crew and ship in battle, it Re-spawns back at Tortuga, you don’t lose entirely, just might lose a lot of hard work in supplies, etc…
    3. When going to Capture a town with a Fort of level 3+, be sure you kill the fort 1st, away from the guarding ships, and then bring the guarding ships closer to their port and sink them there, so that way when you’re done sinking them all, you can gather everything they drop, incase you reach max capacity in your ship, you can immediately port and build warehouse (if not built) and put stuff inside to unport and gather the rest.

    • clicvk on it, it will repair if you have sailcloth onboard…your main ship should carry it, along with 5 extra cannons and plank i carry 20-25 sail cloth, same from planks, the rest is grapshot and bombs…have fun

  5. i dont play that way too much sincer you have to finsh RACKHAMS campaign to get the pirates, i can finish that in 2-3 days….then amass roughly 15 to 25 ships using grapeshot and work your way up to capture a 2nd rate then upgrade it to the max, from there you can turn fight 1st rates easily and war galleons…the man o wars stay away from until you get the hanf of turn fighting fron their stern…2nd rates have 6 cannons in front eventually you can capture just about everything woth having ….then go after the 4 star ports miami, tiburon, willenport, caracas santo domingo, tobago etc….then but and sell in those ports exclusively…you can eventually get to 500k in a day or twoo…i run a 2nd rate with rackham, mary read, sir henry morgan, anne bonny, and chung po tsai dose the crew with mary reads active skill and your ship flies great…i dont use more than two 1st rates unless i park them with my war galleons in a port (Tortuga) then map over to calypso island and head back to tortuga SW try to get a man o war to follow you slow down some and take him to toirtuga then you can have your ships come out with grapshot to capture it, just dont let him get to close to the fort haha

  6. how i take a port (4star****)
    1) go to smugglers port chanmge ships name (all your ships)
    2) use 10-25 ships
    3) put chung tsai po on a ahip i use a gall with a ram, and sail up to the biggest threat then launch the KRAKEN.. after launchin select all ships attack unless there are ships you want to capture you should use bombs only, but at the same time those ships are faster thab stock ships so you can try to lure one out to sea and capture it.. butt basically i use bombs
    4) you shoulds have 40 k gold before the attack to upgrade the port, remember you will lose ships this is normal i lost 2 first rates a whydah gally and 2 war galleons capturing caracas…i got a first rate and a man o war in return
    5) you should have another 10k to reapir and reman your ships
    6) do it again and again until you get 4 7 4star ports to make the rounds….good luck and good gaming

  7. I’ve captured all the towns & found all but 5 smuggler ports & 2 cannibal camps. I have about 30 of each of the missions to do. Wish I could post snapshots of maps. Would like some help finding those last ports & camps.

  8. Found everything now but 1 smuggler port.
    Buying cheap & selling expensive doesn’t seem to work correctly in this game, although I do recommend buying cheap when you can. I make a lot of money filling my captured ports’ warehouse’s with iron & sugar if they aren’t expensive, & then selling the rum & ammo produced from them. You must have a distillery built for the rum & a forge built for the ammo. Making sails from cotton with a sailmaker & planks from wood with a lumbermill doesn’t seem to be profitable for some reason. Maybe upgrading the buildings would help, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  9. To capture a ship, shoot 1 side with cannonballs, but be careful you don’t sink it. Use your front cannons a couple of times. Then shoot that side as hard as you can with grapeshot to kill off the crew. Then stop close to the ship & click the anchor to be able capture it. You need enough crew aboard your own ship to move a skeleton crew aboard the captured ship. The number you need increases with the size of the ship. Your small ship may not be able to capture a much larger ship. Slightly larger maybe, if you don’t lose too much crew in the battle. If you need to slow down the enemy ship first, shoot out the sails with chain balls. You can also damage a ship if you can get it to sail into a powder keg or oil barrel. This can also sink it if it’s already too damaged.

  10. To find treasure you must first find a treasure map on a captured ship or by exploring a wreck. Mysterious ships sometimes have them. Then sail to the treasure island which has blinking circles around it on the map. Click “Search for Treasures” & follow the directions to the treasure while on the island. They will tell you where to go next by clicking the footprints, like a compass direction or to the barrel or the crate or to the little rocks or the big rock or to some type of tree. At the end click the shovel to dig. If you followed the directions correctly you get the treasure. If not you must start over from the beginning.

  11. So you click on cannon in the bottom left and then on your ship or the enemy ship?Because I tried both,and it diesnt shoot.I shoot and I am not damaging the enemy ships
    but the cannons are repeating

  12. I am in the Flintlock of the Damned campaign. The directions say to find the merchant ship Pallas, but I have been searching on and off for two months without success. I’ve searched near and far the Gigantos area.

  13. I have not player in over a year and have forgotten a lot.

    #1 How do I get to “Open Seas”. I used to love to sail coastlines plundering has I went.

    @2 How to I take Pictures and videos? Now I have the little icons on my lower right screen. I touch one of them and they just disappear until I touch the main screen. BUT I can ONLY do that when I am docked. When I start to sail the icons go away and the ships wheel is there. AND if I do take a pic where does it go?????

    Sure would appreciate any help.


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