The Mighty Hero is a game that mixes idle gaming mechanics with cute, casual side scrolling RPG elements. And with some beautiful retro, pixelated graphics thrown in the mix, it manages to successfully create a product you’ll play for months – and enjoy during the time.

But things are a lot easier if you have some help and that’s exactly what I am going to give you in my guide for The Mighty Hero: cheats and tips to help you get as far as possible, unlock all areas and player roles and have more fun.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out instead some The Mighty Hero tips and cheats below.

Don’t spend any skill points for a while
I would recommend waiting until you are at least level 15 before you start spending your skill points. The idea is that you unlock the first full set at level 15 and until you get there, you don’t really know what the other skills do and if they might be better than the ones you’re investing in.

Spent skill points can be reset – but you have to pay premium currency for that, so why not avoid that if possible?

Therefore, you should wait until you have unlocked them all and spend them knowing exactly what you’ll get in return. Invest in three skills only and things will be a lot easier for you during battles.

If you want to see what a skill does, simply tap and hold it until a pop up appears giving you all the details. My recommendation is to invest in a defensive skill (the shield) so if you really want to spend a couple of skill points without regretting doing so, invest them there!

Endless mode is great for rewards
One of the two modes that you can play in The Mighty Hero is Endless Mode. This tests your hero’s survival skills… but that doesn’t really matter much. You get amazing results anyway, even if you don’t break records or get insanely far.

Even better, some of the quests you get in the game will challenge you to defeat a specific boss (extra rewards!) while reaching a particular stage could also end up in you getting an amazing item as a reward. So don’t hesitate to play the Endless Mode often – it’s really rewarding!

Always play to complete quests
As soon as you complete a quest, a new one is given to you. The rewards of the quests are always good, meaning that you should focus your gameplay on completing these said quests. They help you progress much faster!

You can even reject quests you don’t like without a penalty, but I usually receive them immediately afterwards, so it seems that you have no other option that to try and complete them. Some are pretty difficult (like the crafting ones with require a bit of luck), but it’s totally worth it!

Craft continuously
Not only that crafting helps you get better items to improve your character or complete quests, but the more you craft, the more items you’ll have available for crafting.

So try to always craft something, even if you don’t really need the item – focus on the easier items you can craft in order to increase your level and unlock more items, or focus on those required for quests.

The quality of items you craft can vary as well – from common to legendary – and the more you craft in The Mighty Hero, the higher your chances of actually getting a really good item.

Don’t forget about crafting potions as well – they are in the right side area of the crafting menu and you’ll use those in battle a lot, especially when going for records in the Endless mode!

How to win all your battles
Winning your battles isn’t a difficult thing, actually, as long as you time your special attacks right and keep an eye on your mana meter. Try to alternate between using the defensive skill you have unlocked and the offensive one… and always keep at least one special skill ready for when you reach the boss.

Your mana, as well as health replenish from time to time, and also when you level up – so if you’re close to getting a new level, it’s not a bad idea to go completely gung ho and use all your mana as you’ll get it back anyway.

Watch ads daily for free Premium Currency
Every now and then, you can watch a single ad for 5 Diamonds – the premium currency of The Mighty Hero. It’s a good idea to do so, especially if you want to reset your skills and invest in others which might be better. Either way, premium currency can prove to be extremely useful during your play, so don’t miss any chance you get at grabbing some more!

These would be, for now at least, our The Mighty Hero tips and tricks for fellow players. If you have strategies that work and haven’t been shared in this article, more tips or even extra questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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