The Line Game Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Going (iOS)


Part endless runner, part skill game and a lot of frustration generating content, this is what The Line game for iOS is in a few words. It’s also addictive, and that’s the exact reason why we’ve decided to come here and share with you some The Line cheats and tips for this great game that will put your device’s integrity to great risk. Relax, take a break and read our The Line game tips and tricks to keep on going!

We’ll start with a short gameplay video, my first playthrough, showing a high score of 324 and some really bad moves, those of a newbie player. You’re probably there yourself, so check out the high score run in my first playthrough (or skip the video for some The Line tips and tricks!):

1. The dot gives you invincibility
If you checked out the video above, you probably saw me miss by a few seconds on numerous occasions, getting that shiny dot. If you manage to get it, though, you’re all set: you get invincibility and you can simply go through the walls at your own pace. However, just to keep in shape, even though it feels nice to smash through those walls, I would suggest to try running the line. This helps you keep momentum!

2. Play on an iPhone
If you have the option to choose what device you’re playing on, then definitely the iPhone is the better choice here because movements are shorter and easier to make. We’ve played on an iPad and the large screen of the device makes it more difficult to control and master the sudden, long moves. So it’s a win for the iPhone over the iPad on this one!

3. Put your finger on the dot
You can start by tapping the bar at the bottom, but it makes it all a lot easier to control if you then swipe your finger up and over the dot. This way, you will have better control of your dot, but be careful not to move your finger too high or under the dot as you will certainly crash into a wall. If you can’t keep your finger on the dot and you keep ending higher, then continue playing on the line.

4. Master the quick swipes
The Line is all about mastering the long swipes. You have to be extremely precise, but if you manage to master those, you can keep going until your device runs out of battery. So practice a lot, don’t get nervous and practice some more until you truly master those long, quick swipes!

As you can see, playing The Line is mostly about your own skills, so make sure you’re in top condition when you play the game. Good luck and let us know what your high score was!

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The Line Game Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Going (iOS)


  1. Hi there!
    There is an awesome tip that encompasses every other help.
    Instead of placing your finger on the ball and swiping hard, simple tap the area the ball should travel to.
    Trust me! My high score is 3000.
    It works amazing.


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