The adventure game The Journey Down has surprised many iOS gamers with its really nice quality. The game is so good that even those who don’t really like point and click adventures have come to love it.

All fans of the game will be happy to know that the second part of the game, aptly called The Journey Down: Chapter Two, will be released in just one week on the App Store. The second chapter of the game promises the same nice gameplay experience, more puzzles to solve and much more.

The Journey Down tells the story of two mechanics who own a gas station, a broken seaplane and very little else. Following the encounter with a lady looking for a book, the two mechanics find themselves entangles in a conspiracy that could end the world. However the game is not as grim as it may seem at first glance, since The Journey Down features some humorous moments that definitely enhance the experience and the story. The really good writing is also one of the many remarkable features of the game.

The Journey Down: Chapter Two will be released on August 25th on the App Store. One week is more than enough to complete the first chapter so make sure to take a look at it if you’re looking for a nice adventure game to play on the go.


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