The Hunger Games: Panem Rising Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


Kabam has for us a new card collecting game, this time set in the Hunger Games universe. Titled The Hunger Games: Panem Rising, the game is extremely similar to the recently launched Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-Earth, but we can’t complain since both are great games, actually. And we’re not here to praise them, either, we’re here to check out some The Hunger Games: Panem Rising cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get the most out of this title and get you all cards and nothing but wins in the game.

So if you got stuck at some point or you’re simply trying to improve your game, our The Hunger Games: Panem Rising tips and cheats should help!

Extra energy cheat
If you don’t want to play the waiting game, go to your device’s setting, after quitting the game, and simply set the time forward. Restart the game and your energy should be replenished!

Always Enhance your cards
Enhancing your cards to their maximum level is what you have to do and fortunately, that’s not difficult. Simply grind the same level over and over again (preferably one that gives you at least 2 star card rewards) until you have a big bunch, then use them to enhance your main cards. Don’t forget that you will need a large deck as you level up, so don’t hurry to spend just all cards too soon – but after you fill up all your spaces, do it without thinking: weakest cards go to enhance the strongest.

How to correctly evolve cards
Whenever you have two identical cards, you can combine them and evolve to a card with better stats. I know it includes a lot of hard work and resources spent, but make sure that you only Evolve a card after you have maxed out both cards. This way, you will get the biggest possible bonus and it will make a huge difference later on in the game. Trust me!

Look for the bonuses
If you team up various cards, you can get some bonuses. There are a ton of combinations in the game, so make sure you check out all these possible bonuses and use them whenever you have the cards: they are so strong that usually they make up for the lower rarity of the cards used. Of course, the rarer the cards you can get bonuses with, the better your bonus!

Get all drops in each district
Replay all levels over and over again until you collect all the cards: you can see, during a mission, on the left hand side the cards that you can collect. If one or more still have a question mark above them, it means that you haven’t found that particular card yet – replay the level until you do. Not only that you get resources and a lot of cards to use for enhancements, but after getting them all, you will receive a nice card as well!

How to win in the Stadium
The Stadium allows you to fight against other players, and you will be facing very strong decks. So you need to have a super powerful one if you need to have a chance. Therefore, the low level grinding I was talking about, as well as the correct evolution make the most sense here because you need all the stats juice that you can get. Also, make sure that you have the best cards in your squads and triple check to make sure that you have all the possible bonuses.

We’re rounding up this article with the advice of being extremely active and logging in daily, even if you don’t play. The rewards get better and better the more consecutive days you play, and you really want those rare cards you can get for free!

If you have other tips for The Hunger Games: Panem Rising, let us know by commenting below!

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The Hunger Games: Panem Rising Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. The game is a pretty much a copy-and-paste of another Kabam card game, Heroes of Camelot, with changed graphics. It allows you to collect crappy cards for free but you have to spend money for a measly chance to for cards worth fighting for. What’s the point? It doesn’t even allow you to overthrow the capitol in the end!

    • the movie ends half way and so does the game – i’m sure there’s going to be a sequal to this game to milk the most juice out of the series possible

  2. I played the game for a long time and Got really good cards and now suddently I can log on to the game, it’s only loading 50% and stops… So anoying!
    So do I have to delete the game after playing for over a year, and reinstalling it??
    And do I have to start all over or??


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