In anticipations of the upcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, mobile developer Reliance Games has released an iOS endless runner game based off the film titled The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run. Below, you’ll find some handy tips and tricks to help you survive the dangerous districts of Panem as you run your way to glory.

Anticipate Obstacles

Since Panem Run has online features and game modes, network lag can sometimes become an issue when in the middle of a run so be sure to anticipate and react to upcoming obstacles well in advance. If you see an obstacle that has to be jumped over or slid under ahead of you, swipe your finger on the screen either upwards or downwards respectively at least a second or so before you actually reach the obstacle. Also be sure to give your screen a good solid swipe and not just a quick flick as the game tends to have trouble reading minute finger swipes.

Don’t Forget To Upgrade Spin Bonuses And Skills

Once you’ve amassed a healthy number of coins and supplies, be sure to upgrade both your pre-game spin bonuses and power-up skills. Not only will doing so help you survive future runs longer, it will also make racking up spark bonuses easier which means you can build up bigger spark bonuses and thus earn more coins even quicker. For the spin bonuses, try to match district-specific bonuses with materials you need to upgrade your skills and arrows, that way you can earn vital supplies and rack up bigger multipliers all in one go.

Remember To Craft Arrows Too

Considering how infrequently in-game archery segments are triggered, you might be tempted to gloss over the arrow crafting component of Panem Run. However, crafting specialty arrows can be a great way to rack up some impressive spark bonuses early on, especially since the lowest tier “rue” arrows don’t require that many supplies to make. Once you move into the later difficulty stages, “primrose” and “Katniss” arrows can help you keep your multiplier high whenever you do stumble across an archery segment.

Watch Ads For Free Coins

If you want to take a little break but still want to earn some coins in your spare time, one option in the in-game coin store allows you to watch quick 10-second ads for other sponsored iOS apps and games. Each ad awards 75 coins for a full viewing but remember that ads can only be viewed a certain number of times each day and only when you’re online.


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