The Guides Axiom is an extremely difficult puzzle game that has been recently released on the App Store and on Google Play. A true brain twister that forces you to think out of the box and even return to previous levels in order to get hints for others, it can prove impossible to complete here and there. But we’re here to help by sharing with you a walkthrough for The Guides Axiom.

And in this article we’re going to cover the first 20 levels in the game. It’s not easy to complete them and you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you, but it will be very fun. Try to only check out the solutions below if you can’t figure them out by yourself – otherwise you’ll ruin the fun by simply cruising through the game.

These being said, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out The Guides Axiom walkthrough below!

Level 1
Tap the circle in the middle of the screen

Level 2
Tap all the three circles at the same time

Level 3
Turn all the circles brown by tapping them

Level 4
Tap the dots at the bottom of the screen and write what the circles show: INPUT

Level 5
Tap the red circles to reveal a number that you have to write at the bottom of the screen: 14454

Level 6
Tap the “Input User Codename” and enter anything you want to (like your username)

Level 7
Tap all the buttons at the top of the screen until the white dots are at the same point as the ones outside, as shown below:

Level 8
You need the access code we have already used at level 5. Tap the buttons at the top of the screen so that you have the code 14454

Level 9
Tap the circles surrounded by red dots to match either 1 or 0, as shown in the screenshot below (note that the one which hasn’t been tapped yet, towards the bottom, should be ZERO):

Level 10
Tap the Decode button at the bottom of the screen and then tap the three dots above the virtual keyboard. In the new window, simply write the code shown at the top of the screen: 01110111 01100001 01101001 01110100. Then tap submit:

You will see that the “Wait” text appears after you hit submit. You don’t actually have to wait, but that is the code. So tap the top of the screen to get out of the decoding menu, then tap the decode button at the bottom again and simply write “wait” then submit.

Level 11
The top bar shows the word “Node” Type that word to carry on.

Level 12
Tap the Activate button at the top. This finally gives you the chance to select various levels in the game.

Level 13
In order to unlock it, you have to go back to level 9. Tap the dots at the bottom, then tap the three dots to activate the decoding tool. Write the numbers you see there: inverted. Type that word and hit submit.

Now if you decode those numbers, you get the code: VERTICAL. Type that and hit submit.

Level 14
If you look at the paper, you notice that some letters are highlighted. They spell “Pause” – so type that in the text box below.

Level 15
Tap the dots in the bottom right corner and then tap the icon that looks like a camera. That takes a photo in-game and you will see the image reading “Save”. Type this word in the box and hit submit.

Level 16
Use the decoder and type the numbers at the bottom of the photo (01100101 01100011 01101000 01101111). You get the code: ECHO. Type that and hit submit.

Level 17
Go back to level 16 and, using the in-game camera, take a photo, then tap it to see this:

The highlighted thing is the code for level 17 and how you should tap the dots. However, at the bottom, there is also “PROPOSAL” a board if you pay attention to it: if you enter that code in the decoder, you get the world “proposal”. We’ll probably use that later in the game.

Level 18

You will barely notice the change, but after tapping the dots, you get to level 18. If you type the code into the decoder, you get the answer: “Hint”. Type that and hit Submit.

Level 19
If you look closely at the paper, you will notice that some of the letters have a dot under them. The letters make up this word: “INTEGRATED”. Type that and hit submit.

Level 20
Take the letter on each row from top to bottom and you get the word “Trial”. Enter that in the text box and hit “Submit”.

This is it so far in terms of our walkthrough for the minimalistic puzzle The Guides Axiom – a true brain twister! We’re working hard to complete the other levels as well and we’ll share them with you as soon as that’s ready. So don’t hesitate check back often to see when the second part is published.


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