The Good Life: How to Get Wool Felts

The Good Life

In The Good Life, you will often have to roam all over the map in search of items that are required to complete main and side quests.

At some point during Route A, you will need to acquire the Ruff Dress to continue the story, and to get it, you will need a variety of items, including wool felts. These items are not too difficult to find, but getting wool felts may end up making you spend way too much money.

Here’s how to get wool felts without emptying your wallets in The Good Life.

How to Get Wool Felts in The Good Life

As mentioned above, you will need two wool felts to create the Ruff Dress. These items can be obtained in two different ways: by purchasing them from Lonette or by shearing your sheep.

While buying them from Lonette is way more convenient, as you can get them right away, you will need quite a bit of money to get them, as they cost £30 each. If you haven’t been using the Flamingo app too much, you will likely not have enough money to purchase items, so you will want to save as much money as possible.

If you want to save some money, you have no choice but to shear sheep. Each sheep produces one wool felt, so you will need to get another sheep to get both felts without having to purchase the other. A more time-consuming method, that’s for sure, but one that will pay off in the end, considering you will also need £180 to purchase the Ruff Dress to move the story forward.

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The Good Life: How to Get Wool Felts


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