Where to Find The Giant Alex Seed in Minecraft

Giant Alex Minecraft
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A creature called Giant Alex has become one of the most famous and, at the same time, one of the creepiest entities of the Minecraft universe. What is known about this creature? Does Giant Alex really exist? Which version of Minecraft you should use to find it? In this guide, we answer all these questions and tell you where to find the Giant Alex seed.

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Who is Giant Alex in Minecraft?

Based on the screenshots found on the internet, we know that Giant Alex has the following general features and characteristics:

  • Giant Alex has the skin of the usual Alex, but she is 12 blocks tall;
  • Besides height, the main difference between regular Alex and Giant Alex is that Giant Alex is bloodied all over;
  • Giant Alex also doesn’t have eyes, and she has a gaping mouth that looks like she’s screaming in horror.

Encountering Giant Alex would be a thrilling and haunting experience for sure. Still, you can’t just expect to run into her—finding Giant Alex takes some effort and knowledge.

How to find Giant Alex Seed

The first sighting of Giant Alex is wrapped in a mystery, but we now have a recipe for how to find this mythical creature. There are several parameters you need to set in order to encounter her:

  1. Use the OptiFine 1.12.2 version;
  2. Set the difficulty to Peaceful;
  3. Go for 6 chunks render and 0.2 fog distance;
  4. Use the seed 7778749381209293789578 when creating the world.

When the world loads, swim to the land where you should be able to notice 3x2x2 pits in the ground. If you see these, you should know that they are Giant Alex’s footprints and that she’s lurking somewhere nearby.

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Is Giant Alex dangerous?

Most players say that the creature is only watching you and poses no real threat. However, some players reported that the game crashes if you try to approach Giant Alex and get too close, so tread carefully.

Have you ever seen Giant Alex? Let us know in the comments if our instructions worked for you and don’t forget to check out our other Minecraft articles.

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Where to Find The Giant Alex Seed in Minecraft


  1. So it doesn’t always appear right away it will stalk for a day or so and then you will see it
    it took me a day and a half to possible sight it

    • I dont know if this seed works on bedrock edition, but I have tried, it failed. On WildDogXD’s channel, he has encountered her twice and what it looked like in the second video, it looked like she ate him, his game crashed, and the world got deleted. the footprints are useless because Giant Alex doesn’t get around by walking, but by rather glitching around. Please check out my video if you want me to try this on bedrock edition until we find giant alex(Videogaming4LIfe). Dalton stanley, I would recommend that next time as soon as you see her, turn your render distance up all the way and see what happens, I believe that it might make it easier to see her and see if she travesl by walking, tower up to her height next time then do this, if she disappears, she either glitched out, or your render distance does have to be two.

  2. i found out its very scary, bc i found her and she was horrifying! she had no eye`s and my game crashed! but i did not die so, i just walked away if she stalked me for 1000,0000,0000,0000 days

  3. actually, i saw her and ran away then i ran to the woods then to the swamp then to the village then all the way to my spawn point. i set camp there so at that night, i was getting ready for dinner in the village, but then i heard a thump. THUMP!, THUMP!, THUMP! it might be her but my game did not lag, but then the door knocked a sound then the whole village was scared. then i opened the door then i just saw giant alex right my door! but totally strange. bc my game didn`t lag so that is really strange for more unrespect and unexpectaion. then i just ran from the village then…….uh, hmm………..I was just……..Sorry i have to tell this to you, *sigh*……..I am dead………..actually not big suprised.

  4. I summoned a giant zombie then I counted how tall he is, and I counted 12 blocks. But I don’t know if that is her true height. Does anyone know how tall she is?

  5. I have seen giant alex. After i saw her, it took me to a different world in a village i had found in that world after i left for a little , i went to that world with the village and i was on peaceful mode , AND IT GOT RAIDED AND BURNED AND MOBS WERE APPERING

  6. The only strange thing is that no animals but rabbits spawned from the snow biome for like prob 10 minutes found holes but prob natural, running for 20 minutes found nothing it’s been over 1 day and half-

  7. Alex je djevojka koju je Stive ubio da bi postao heroj svijeta kada je selo pijeska napadnuto od strane vještice koja je bila u dogovoru sa Stivom da ubije Alex kako bi ona od nje napravila svoje vlastito stvorenje ali prije toga su Alex i Stive bili najbolji prijatelji i gradjevinarikoji su napravili većinu gradjevinarikoji koje vidimo u Minecraftu.Kako tužno

  8. she sets fires, will kill you if she thinks you saw her it takes her one hit to kill you, mostly found in peacful , is 12 blocks tall, likes villages .
    just because i know this does not mean there is not more.

  9. so im playing with the seed on my switch (version 1.18.2) I’ve done everything i can see from two different websites (used the exact seed, going into the mainland, had 1 Minecraft day happen, waited for footprints) I’ve had ntg happen, haven’t seen any footprints. does she appear on the switch?

  10. I was on the seed, and I just got to scared, and left after finding the mainland was literally a snow covered dessert with lava. But the lava was literally just burning the snow as if it had just been put there. Way to scared.


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