The Fish Master is an incredibly addictive and simple mobile game created by VooDoo for mobile platforms. And we’re here to help you make the right decisions when it comes to playing this game by sharing some The Fish Master! cheats and tips.

In our complete strategy guide you will learn everything you need to know about playing this otherwise straightforward game and improve your score, your earnings and become a top fisherman. It’s going to be extremely fun, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Fish Master tips and tricks below for Voodoo’s game!

Look at the fishies when dropping the line
When dropping your line, even though the speed will be extremely high, you can still take a look at the fish that you have a chance of catching when you reel in afterwards.

This thing allows you to properly plan your moves in order to get the highest possible score each time you go fishing. Because some planning can take you a long way and tells you exactly if you should try and wait for the rarest ones or not.

Try to get the best fish only
Shiny is your friend! The larger or shinier the fish, the more money they will make you. Pretty simple – so always try to capture the best, rarest and biggest money making fish in the ocean.

Try to avoid the less valuable fish and be patient, only going for the most expensive ones. You should be very picky, especially at first – and keep an eye on the right side indicators that show you the depth.

If you get too close to the boat and still have many spots left, start catching whatever you can – but until then, only focus on the rare ones in order to max out your earnings. This is the only gameplay tip that really helps you make a difference.

Double your earnings
Whenever you make a truly spectacular catch, don’t forget to watch an ad to double your earnings. This is extremely helpful when you have a truly massive catch, but pretty much useless otherwise because you will be bombarded with ads anyway and you will spend more time watching them than actually playing.

Be selective and watch these unskippable ads when they really matter in order to boost your earnings greatly!

Turn off your WiFi or Mobile internet
If the video ads become insanely annoying and you can’t afford to buy the IAP that removes them, you can simply turn off your internet on your device and you won’t get the ads any more.

However, if you do this, you will also lose the option to double your earnings, so make sure that you really want to do this.

What to upgrade first?
There are just three different upgrades that you can buy in The Fish Master and I believe that you should only focus on two at first:

As soon as you start playing the game, upgrade the number of fish you can catch twice or three times, then go for the depth twice. Get two or three more upgrades to the number of fish, then another two for the depth.

Afterwards, try to keep things even: always upgrade the number of fish first and the depth second. Simply ignore the offline earnings until you are about to stop playing – and when you are about to quit, simply buy as many of those upgrades as you can afford.

This would be everything that you should know about the Fish Master game by Voodoo. If you have any other tips and tricks to add, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.


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