The Experiment v5 Roblox Door Code Guide


You wake up in a cold and dark metal chamber, with no way out. How did you get here?! You don’t remember a thing, but you do know that you’re not alone. The Experiment v5 is a Roblox horror experience where players must piece together what happened in an abandoned lab. One of the first puzzles you come across is a locked door, so today we’ll show you how to unlock it in our The Experiment v5 Roblox door code guide!

Roblox The Experiment v5 Door Code Guide

The Experiment v5 is an unusual horror adventure game on Roblox. Instead of a linear adventure, you’ll spend most of your time stuck in the main cell. Spooky stuff will happen around you, but you don’t really do anything besides wait.

Eventually, the game will warp you to a different room. These are called choice events, and you have a limited amount of time to explore and search for clues before you’re automatically warped back to the main cell.

Most of the time, you’ll be sent to a hallway that leads to different offices, but sometimes you’ll be taken to unique, smaller rooms. When you end up in these rooms, quickly search the tables and desks for notes.

You want to look for notes that have a red number in the bottom right corner—these numbers are part of the door code, so remember the numbers and the order you see them in.

We saw this number first, so our code started with 3.

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You’ll know you’re in one of the special rooms because they are mostly containment rooms. That’s right, a demonic experiment gone wrong can usually be seen in a nearby window!

You can’t cheat and look up the code, so don’t even try it. The reason for this is that the code is randomly generated per server, so it’ll always be different across all experiences.

That concludes our guide on The Experiment v5 Roblox door code. If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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The Experiment v5 Roblox Door Code Guide


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