Murder Files: The Enigma Express is a really nice new hidden object adventure game that sends us on a mission to solve a mysterious case. Since it’s not easy to do so on our own, I have decided to create this article and share with you a complete set of The Enigma Express cheats and tips – basically a complete strategy guide – for those playing the game who want to get an advantage over the killer.

So if you’re having trouble mastering the game, let’s check out below some tips and tricks for Enigma Express and hopefully things will be easier!

1. Replay the same scene until you ace it
Even though the object themselves are in various positions, you know exactly how they look like and they are easier to find. So I would recommend playing the same scene over and over again until you max it out, and only afterwards move to the next. This way, you still get the new puzzle pieces, but make the whole process easier.

2. Connect with Facebook
And add friends. You get extra rewards and coins from having your friends in the game, and I am sure you can put them to good use. Also connect your game to your Game Center account, because it does not automatically do so (you can do it in the menu). Doing this will give you access to the Achievements and Leaderboards.

3. Do choices matter?
I haven’t tried, personally, to give what I considered a bad answer just to see what happens. The choices might or might not matter throughout the story, so make sure that you read the plot lines and you make the choice you are the most comfortable with.

4. Get extra energy for coins
If you are low on energy, you can spend coins on extra energy. There’s nothing else to spend the coins on, so whenever you have enough coins, just get the extra energy. A good idea would be to wait to get more coins because the more you spend, the more energy per coin you receive).

5. The Time Lapse cheat
The time lapse cheat works on many apps and helps you get extra energy. You have to change the time on your device ahead and you will get extra energy. In our case, the time lapse cheat in The Enigma Express did not work. Unfortunately.

6. Focus on collecting the items
There are some stages in which specific items give you specific advantages (extra points, time and so on). I would suggest to do your own thing and just get the items as you find them – focusing one a specific one (extra time, particularly) will guarantee you get a lower score.

Here is some early gameplay from this title:

These wold be, for now, our tips and tricks for The Enigma Express. Make sure to complete the stages as soon as possible for the added bonuses and keep on playing! You will eventually make it all the way to the end and find the killer!


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