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The Elder Scrolls: Blades, New Mobile RPG Game from Bethesda: Everything You Need to Know

The Elder Scrolls: Blades, New Mobile RPG Game from Bethesda: Everything You Need to Know

The Elder Scrolls franchise is one of Bethesda’s most appreciated and loved franchises. And even though I am a Fallout fan, I was extremely hyped and pleased to learn about The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a new mobile RPG coming from Bethesda and offering some amazing surprises to players worldwide.

The game was announced during the E3 conference and, even though it’s not The Elder Scrolls 6 (which was also teased at the end), it seems to be a huge step forward when it comes to mobile games. Comparing it to Fallout Shelter, for example, makes no sense, since Fallout’s mobile version is a completely casual experience, while TES Blades seems to be closer to a traditional, hardcore Elder Scrolls Games.

Bethesda gave a lot of details regarding this upcoming title – which will also make it to consoles and PCs – and we’ll have a video showing their entire presentation of the game below.

But until then, let’s check out everything that you must know about The Elder Scrolls: Blades, the exciting RPG coming to mobiles soon.

First of all – and most important – this is going to be a first person RPG. Walking around in either hand crafted or procedurally generated dungeons, you will encounter various beasts and fight against them in one-on-one battles.

The battles seem to be simplified for mobile and apparently can be played with one hand if you want to. You will have melee attacks and spells at your disposal, as well as various types of attacks and the ability to parry incoming hits. Apparently there is no ranged attack option due to the way combat works (always face to face versus a single enemy at a time).

The game doesn’t seem to be an actual open world RPG, but a more casual experience – with areas like the Arena (where you can battle other players in live versus modes), or the Town where you will basically get the single player campaign mode. So not a traditional TES game where you roam around, talk to people and complete quests, but a more casual approach (still better than Fallout Shelter imho).

There is some sort of “base building” element in the game as well, where you will build up your town with new structures. It is unclear how that will work out exactly, but it will probably be something like putting the resources you find completing missions to good use. These buildings will most likely improve your stats and give you other advantages, as in other mobile RPGs.

There’s also a character building system which again doesn’t seem as complex as those offered by the main franchise, but it is still pretty impressive with a ton of options. I am sure that you will have a ton of items to choose from.

The visuals, as you will see in the video posted towards the end of the article, are truly amazing. Most likely The Elder Scrolls: Blades will be a complete battery drainer and you’ll have to play the game in the fridge, while it’s plugged in – but it seems to be completely worth it too!

By the looks of it, TES: Blades will be a free to play game, which means microtransactions, which means loot boxes and many unhappy people. But Fallout Shelter was a free to play game as well and it worked out perfectly fine – and is still working today, almost 3 years after its original launch. So hopefully Bethesda doesn’t screw things up here by bringing in pay walls and pay to win mechanics.

It has not been officially confirmed that the game will be free to play, nor when it will be released!

Until we have more information (although there doesn’t seem to be much left for us to get), here is the game’s presentation during Bethesda’s E3 event. The video starts with the announcement of the game:

All in all, The Elder Scrolls: Blades seems extremely impressive and you can already pre-register here for a nice bonus when the game launches – and also for a chance to play it early, before everybody else! So sign up and prepare for a completely unique TES experience!

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades, New Mobile RPG Game from Bethesda: Everything You Need to Know


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