The Brand New VSTAR Pokemon are Arriving in Pokemon TCG!


After only getting a tiny sneak peek into the new Pokemon VSTAR, we are hungry to know more, and we are sure that you are too! This new gameplay mechanic is coming to Pokemon TCG worldwide with the release of the Sword & Shield — Brilliant Stars expansion on February 25, 2022.

You know what Pokemon V are, but do you know…

What are Pokemon VSTAR?

Pokemon VSTAR are evolved forms of Pokemon V. Every single Pokemon VSTAR has a grand VSTAR power, which comes in 2 varieties: Attacks and Abilities, which can heavily influence the direction of a game. A player can utilize a VSTAR Power only once per game.

Pokemon VSTAR possess a gargantuan HP stat as well as powerful attacks to round out their offensive prowess. When you knock out a Pokemon VSTAR, you are awarded 3 prize cards, just like with Pokemon V.

Below are some of the cards that you should look out for in the Sword & Shield — Brilliant Stars expansion:

Charizard VSTAR

Possessing the Star Blaze VSTAR Power which hits for a heavy 320 damage, you are sure to blow holes in your opponent’s strategy, while also needing to discard 2 Energy from Charizard VSTAR when using the attack.

Its secondary attack, Explosive Fire does a minimum of 130 damage but can rise up to 230 damage if there are damage counters present on it already. Charizard VSTAR sounds like a highly threatening pick if brought into the game!

Arceus VSTAR

God itself, the mythical Pokemon Arceus makes its appearance as a VSTAR card that is ready to blow your opponent’s socks away. Using the Starbirth VSTAR Power, you are allowed to search your deck for up to 2 cards that you can bring into your hand. This is quite broken, as it gifts you free reign to choose any cards you may urgently need to turn the game in your favor.

Arceus VSTAR also possesses the Trinity Nova attack. This deals 200 damage while also letting you search your deck for up to 3 basic Energy cards. These cards can be attached to your Pokemon V however you desire.

February 25th, 2022 can’t come any sooner, eh? We can’t wait either!

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The Brand New VSTAR Pokemon are Arriving in Pokemon TCG!


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