The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak is a daring endless runner that puts you in the shoes of the fabled boxtrolls. Help them sneak past the Red Hats and rescue their fellow boxtrolls! Like any other endless game, The Boxtrolls requires patience and good timing, a bit of knowledge, so we’ll help you out with our Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

It won’t be easy with the Red Hats constantly watching, but the boxtrolls are depending on you, so don’t worry because we’re going to get started with our Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Practice sliding and launching yourself!

Physics play an important part for the Boxtrolls! When you hit a slope, if you tap and slide down, your boxtroll will curl into his box and you’ll begin to pick up speed. Usually there will be a ramp or incline of some sort at the end other trail; make sure to tap again to uncurl and launch yourself! This gets you really good air and there are almost always hidden cogs up in the air, and you might even land on a hidden platform with big cogs.

2. Avoid noisy obstacles for a sneak bonus!

At the end of each level, after the amount of cogs you collected to tallied, you will get a “sneak meter” bonus. This meter starts at 25, and drops every time you hit a noisy object. Whenever you see a red flash during the level, you made too much noise! Avoid hanging boxes in nets, bells, and if you can, try not to use the barrel buster powerup as that creates a lot of noise too. Every time you make a loud noise, your sneak bonus goes down a little bit until it hits zero! Sometimes it’s necessary to get the bonus in order to get three bulbs on a level, so be quiet!

3. Be sure to get all three bulbs on a level!

You need bulbs to progress further into the game. The first checkpoint, which is level 10 requires 15 bulbs, so be sure that you get them all. The more cogs you get on a level, the more bulbs you’ll get! Be sure to take into account the sneak bonus, as mentioned above.

4. Different boxtrolls have different abilities!

Whenever you reach a checkpoint, you’ll unlock a new boxtroll to buy. You can look at them through the shop box button at the top right. The two boxtrolls you can start out with – Shoe and Fish – have no special abilities, but everyone else does.

  • Fragile (2,500 cogs) has a passive barrel breaker ability.
  • Knickers (25 cheese) can glide through the air very briefly.
  • Oil Can (35 cheese) can sneak by more easily.
  • Sparky (50 cheese) passively attracts nearby cogs.

The boxtrolls you unlock from the levels are a little different. They don’t have special abilities, but they act like extra lives, because they go with you into the levels! If you lose one boxtroll, you’ll automatically switch to your other boxtroll.

5. Keep an eye out for powerups!

There are several powerups that you can find floating around the levels. They’re all very useful so be sure to grab one if you see it!

  • Barrel Buster allows your boxtroll to break barrels by running into them.
  • Funky Wrench lets your boxtroll disarm a single trap if they land on it. It’s essentially an extra chance!
  • Cog Magnet temporarily attracts cogs to your box troll. Very handy!

6. Watch out for enemies!

Unfortunately, there’s an equal amount of bad guys trying to stop the boxtrolls!

  • Mr. Gristle is probably the least dangerous. He stands there idly with his bat at the ready. When you get close enough, he’ll try to take a swing. All you need to do is jump on him or over him!
  • Mr. Pickle is a bit more tricky. He’s sporting a nasty net gun, and once you’re within his view, he’ll shoot out a net. Jump to avoid it, but don’t do it too early or too late!
  • Mr. Trout has a more simplified taste, in which he carries a plain old net with him. When you’re in range, he’ll swipe the net down to catch you. Slide to avoid it!

Remember: like every other endless runner, you just need to watch ahead of you be able to react quickly enough. Hone your timing and you’ll rescue all the boxtrolls in no time! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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The Boxtrolls: Slide ‘N’ Sneak Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Regarding the Boxtroll game – is it just me, or is there no way the game retains your previously achieved level? Every time I get to level 3 or 4 ( basically the time I’m willing to sit and play a game at any given time) and get all 3 bulbs at each level,I stop the game/exit out. Then when I return it starts all over again back at the tutor run. I can’t seem to find where it has saved my previous game play , and I can’t seem to find a way to save anything befor I exit. Any thoughts?


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