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The Best Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

Check out some of the best weapons to use in Shadow Fight 2.

Roam the shadows and strike like a true warrior in Shadow Fight 2, the sequel to the hit mobile fighting game. In Shadow Fight 2, you challenge warriors from all across the land to ferocious duels using a variety of weapons. There are lots of weapons to choose from, but which ones are the best? We’ve got some answers here in our list of the best weapons in Shadow Fight 2.

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Best weapons to use in Shadow Fight 2

Before we start, you should know that almost every weapon in Shadow Fight 2 is viable. None of the weapons are so terrible that you are guaranteed to lose if you use it, so if you like a weapon a lot, stick with it, and it’ll serve you well.

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All weapons in Shadow Fight 2 are categorized by type. For example, there are Knuckles, Tonfas, Nunchuks, and so forth. Since all weapons in the type typically (but not always) share the same move sets, we’ll be listing the best weapon types.

Weapon typeExamplesDetails
KnucklesCrescent Knives, Monk’s Katars, Pneumo FistsThough obviously lacking in range, knuckle-type weapons are fast and hit surprisingly hard. If you can manage to stay on your opponent without getting knocked away too much, your rapid-fire fists can do insane damage.
KusarigamaBlood Reaper, Heavy KusarigamaThe Kusarigama is easily one of the best weapon types in the game. This roped-sickle blade has it all: excellent range, speed, and absurdly high damage. Use something like the Blood Reaper and fights are over before you know it. Just be careful, as its close-range moves are not great.
NunchakuHeavy Nunchaku, Orbs of PainSimilar to the Knuckles, Nunchaku have fast attack speeds and limited range. All the moves deal low damage individually, but since most of the Nunchaku moves hit multiple times, you can rack up the damage quickly.
KatanaDaisho, Shogun’s KatanaThe Katana is a balanced weapon with good attributes across the board. The best thing about them is that most of the move set is aimed directly at your opponent’s head, which deals increased damage.
RangedCircular SawsDespite the nerf, the Circular Saws remain as one of the best ranged weapons. They’ve got decent speed, which is good for activating enchantments.

What do you think? Do you think another weapon type or specific weapon should be mentioned on this list? We know the Shadow Fight 2 community has all sorts of different views on the weapons, so let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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The Best Weapons in Shadow Fight 2