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The Best Teams in Defense Derby

The Best Teams in Defense Derby
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The new tower defense title Defense Derby is a battle game with a twist! As an online 4-player multiplayer, this is like no tower defense you have played before. It’s fresh, fun, and intense! Survival depends on how well you strategize, defend, and build your deck of characters.

With each team member having their own abilities and strengths, it is imperative you know who to bid on to add to your team. Placing units of the same type next to each other increases their strength, but you should also have a decent range of types. Let’s explore which team combinations are the best in Defense Derby!

Defense Derby team tier list

Building the right deck is the only way to defend your team successfully. Every character can be useful, but some are stronger than others. You can also strengthen your characters by stacking the factions or types: putting Humans with Humans or Magic with Magic, for example.

For individual team member rankings, you can check out our character tier list and see which hero is best to pick for your next game! Meanwhile, we have sorted teams of units into tiers, from the best (S-Tier) to the not-so-great (C-Tier).

  • S-Tier: the best of the best, and a team of characters you will want to spend your Derby Chips on!
  • A-Tier: these are the next best team combinations you want to try out to finish before your opponents.
  • B-Tier: average teams who aren’t the worst but could be better. These guys need to be used with great strategy to win!
  • C-Tier: the last choice, but still a good one. Not as strong as the ones above, but you could do worse. It is all about the strategy!
scarlet defense derby
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play
Tier Team
S-Tier Hero: Scarlet
Units: Paladin, Amazon, Viking, Rifleman

This is an all-human team led by Scarlet, who buffs CRIT DMG and guarantees regular critical hits. She also offers a significant AOE through her active skill.
A-Tier Hero: Merham
Units: Paladin, Golem, Mermaid, Floral Mage

This is an all-magic team led by Merham, who gives them 32% power boost.
B-TierHero: Elgry
Units: Divine Warden, Amazon, Dendroid Warrior, Viking

This is an all-physical team led by Elgry, who can buff ATK on all these unit types while also slowing enemies.
C-TierHero: Osborn
Units: Mammoth Bomber, Dragon, Plaguemancer, Minotaur

This is an all-beast team led by a hero who boosts physical DMG, making it a pretty decent team to pit against opponents.

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While you build your decks and find summon the right characters, try out different combinations to see what works for you. The four Defense Derby teams we suggest are great, but they are just a guideline to show you how you can really strengthen your team by using the right factions and types with the right heroes.

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The Best Teams in Defense Derby