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Defense Derby Tier List | Best Characters

Defense Derby Tier List | Best Characters
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Defense Derby is a newly-launched tower defense game developed by KRAFTON, the creators of popular titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India and NEW STATE Mobile. In this game, you can collect a wide variety of characters and form a deck to help you in PvP tower defense battles against three other players.

In Defense Derby, characters are divided into heroes and units, and heroes command units to defend the tower by assisting them with their active and passive skills. If you are new to this free-to-play game, you might be wondering which heroes and units are the best to use. With this guide, you can find the best tier list for all characters in Defense Derby.

Best heroes in Defense Derby

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As of right now, there are nine unique heroes in Defense Derby. Here are their rankings based on how well they perform in PvP:

Tier Heroes
S Scarlet, Elgry, Osborn
A Nalyn, Leon, Merham
B Gruvo
C Seria, Aella

Scarlet is one of the best heroes you can use in Defense Derby, and she is available for free to everyone. Scarlet is a Rare single-target Human hero whose passive skill buffs critical damage and guarantees a critical shot every few seconds. You can also use her active skill to deal significant AOE damage.

Following Scarlet, Elgry and Osborn are both excellent choices. Elgry buffs the attack power of all Physical DMG units and slows down enemies, while Osborn is similar to Elgry, but also buffs attacking speed.

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Best units in Defense Derby

Screengrab via Touch Tap Play

There are 40 units to unlock in Defense Derby, and you can expect to see more in future updates. Here are all the available Defense Derby units, ranked from best to worst:

S Paladin, Mammoth-Bomber, Gargoyle Bomber, Wizard, Divine Warden, Viking
A Venomvine Witch, Amazon, Minotaur, Floral Mage, Dendroid Warrior, Cannon Master, Harpy, Pygmy Yeti, Plaguemancer, Dragon
B Frost Mage, Meow Mage, Swordsman, Rifleman, Mermaid, Valkyrie, Windy, Wendigo, Golem
C Archer, Lupine Berserker, Cold Bow, Apprentice, Rogue Mouse, Owlmancer, Salamander

This completes our tier list of the best heroes and units in Defense Derby. Please note that this tier list is based on my own opinions and the experiences I have had in Defense Derby so far. If a particular hero or unit catches your eye, you can definitely build a deck centered around them.

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Defense Derby Tier List | Best Characters