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The Best Strategy Combo Set in – Strategy Guide lets you wreak havoc on monster mobs and bosses. Depending on the challenge you’re tackling, your skill combos will consist of different actives and passives. And we’ve got the ideal recommendations for every scenario.

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We’ve already told you about the best equipment in Now, let’s see what’s the best strategy combo set in, including Evos for every skill!

Best Strategy Set for Regular Levels

Some of the most popular Active Skill Evos in
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In regular levels in, you’ll need to contest with enemy mobs, mini-bosses, and several actual bosses. That’s why you’ll need a solid setup when going through the chapters. Ideally, you should use skills for mob control, high-powered attacks, and one or two to keep you alive for longer.

Here’s a list of skills you should take, if possible. We’ve also suggested alternative skills that will do a good job if you can’t get the ideal ones:

Skill PriorityMob ControlEvo RequirementHigh-DamageEvo Requirement
Top PriorityGuardianExo-BracerType-A DroneType-B Drone
Top PriorityForcefieldEnergy DrinkKunai*Koga Ninja Scroll*
Next BestDurianHE FuelLightning EmmiterEnergy Cube
Next BestMolotovOil BondRPGHE Fuel
Medium/OKBoomerangHi-Power MagnetLaser LauncherEnergy Cube
Medium/OKSoccer BallSports ShoesDrill ShotAmmo Thruster
Low PriorityModular MineMolotovModular MineLightning Emmiter
*Common Kunai alternatives:
– Baseball Bat
– Katana
– Shotgun
*Alternative Evo:
– Fitness
– Ronin Oyoroi
– Hi-power bullet

Best Strategy Set for Bosses

If you’re playing a specific challenge with no mobs, you’ll need to focus on damage output with weapons that aim at a single target. In that case, crowd control skills like Forcefield will be less useful. After all, spending time close to a boss will spell your doom, so there’s no need to invest in such skills. Your loadout should look like this:

Skill PrioritySkillEvo Requirement
Top PriorityLightning EmmiterEnergy Cube
Top PriorityKunai (or alternative weapon)Koga Ninja Scroll (or alternative Evo)
Next BestRPGHE Fuel
Next BestDrill ShotAmmo Thruster
Medium/OKDurianHE Fuel

Best Strategy Set for Mobs

On the other hand, mob challenges will call for crowd control skills almost exclusively. When you only need to kill a certain number of monsters, you won’t need targeted damage. Instead, you’ll need to cause as much mayhem as possible:

Skill PrioritySkillEvo Requirement
Top PriorityGuardianExo-Bracer
Top PriorityForcefieldEnergy Drink
Next BestType-A DroneType-B Drone
Next BestMolotovOil Bond
Medium/OKDurianHE Fuel

Additionally, there are certain passive skills that you should consider depending on the scenario:

  • Fitness Guide, Energy Drink, and Ronin Oyoroi can help you stay alive for longer on levels that try to overwhelm you with monsters, especially when enemies have ranged attacks.
  • Koga Ninja Scroll will make you level up faster, sometimes reaching an Evo before your first boss.
  • Exo-Bracer and Energy Cube can make your Active skills run without pause, which is great in any situation!

This wraps up our guide for the best strategy combos in Do you have a loadout that works better for you? If so, let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to browse our Game Guides section for more tips and tricks.


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The Best Strategy Combo Set in – Strategy Guide