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The Best Plants in Plants vs Zombies 2

The Best Plants in Plants vs Zombies 2
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Despite being released a decade ago, Plants vs Zombies 2 is still a supremely popular mobile game. It’s one of those games where you can play it religiously for months on end, forget about it for a year, then pick it up again like nothing ever happened and it’s still just as fun. Over the years more plants have been added, giving an amazing choice of defensive, offensive, and sun-producing variations to add to your lineup. Let’s explore which plants we love to use when playing Plants vs Zombies 2.

Top 10 Plants in Plants vs Zombies

We have chosen ten of the best Plants available to unlock and use in Plants vs Zombies, each one with its own skills and power level. Each can be upgraded as you gain Seed Packets, and paid for with Coins. Seed Packets can be gained by completing levels or purchased in bundles in the Shop.

Winter MelonFREEZER. Launches frozen Melons at Zombies to deal damage including splash damage and slows Zombies. Cost: 500 Suns.
Twin SunflowerSUN DROP. Drops twice as much Sun as a normal Sunflower. Cost: 125 Suns.
Lava GuavaDAMAGE OVER TIME. Creates a crack in the ground which spurts lava, dealing fire damage over time. Cost: 75 Suns.
HurrikaleCONTAINMENT. Uses a strong wind to blow Zombies back to allow more time for dealing damage. Cost: 100 Suns.
ImitaterENCHANTER. Imitates other Plants, allows you to use two of the same Plant simultaneously. Cost: 0 Suns.
Ghost PepperEXPLOSIVE. Haunts Zombies who pass them until they explode. Cost: 75 Suns.
Cherry BombBOMBER. Close range bomber who explodes Zombies in one area. Cost: 150 Suns.
Power LilyPLANT FOOD DROP. Creates Plant Food regularly to power up other Plants. Cost: 175 Suns.
Chard GuardDEFENSE. Slaps Zombies backwards to give you more time to deal damage. Cost: 75 Suns.
Sun-ShroomSUN DROP. Drops small Suns at first then regular Suns and finally large Suns. Cost: 25 Suns.

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As you level up in Plants vs Zombies 2 you will get to unlock more of these amazing Plants, and they are really effective, but most of your success fighting off Zombies will be your strategy! Makes sure you keep an eye on your objective, plant Sun Dropper types early to gain the advantage, and don’t let the Zombies eat your brains!

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The Best Plants in Plants vs Zombies 2