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The Best Costumes in Gang Beasts

The Best Costumes in Gang Beasts
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Dressing up in Gang Beasts is half the fun. After all, nothing beats jiggling around as a jelly blob dressed in a dinosaur onesie—except for, maybe, beating your opponents in this hilarious game.

However, costumes in Gang Beasts are not there just to make you look fly. They serve a much higher purpose as some pieces can help you get an upper hand in a fight. So, if you want to combine amazing fashion and incredible practicality, look no further—we present the best five costumes in Gang Beasts. Let’s dive into this gelatinous list!

5 Superman

Gang Beasts Superman costume
Image via TouchTapPlay

If you’ve ever wondered about what Superman would look like if he were made of jelly, you don’t have to waste any more of your time thinking about this important question. You can combine different pieces of gear and create your own wobbly Clark Kent and then watch him stumble around like a big ol’ drunk. While wearing underwear over pants never goes out of style, don’t forget to equip the cape because it will make it more difficult for enemies to grab you from behind.

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4 Kimbo Slice

Gang Beasts Kimbo Slice costume
Image via TouchTapPlay

It doesn’t hurt dressing up as the legend of boxing and MMA in a fighting game. In fact, the only thing hurting will be your enemies’ bruises once you’re done with them. This costume requires balding hair, a huge bushy beard, muscles, boxing gloves, more muscles, and some black shorts to pull it all together. And that beard, besides looking awesome, comes in handy as a floatation device if you get pulled into the water!

3 Bart Simpson

Gang Beasts Bart Simpson costume
Image via TouchTapPlay

You can dress up as your favorite yellow troublemaker from The Simpsons and then go out there and wreak some havoc in Beef City. To complete this costume, you must become completely yellow, get the iconic spiky hair, and then pick a red shirt and some blue pants for the full fantasy.

2 Thanos

Gang Beasts Thanos costume
Image via TouchTapPlay

If you look like The Mad Titan from the Marvel Universe, you will feel like this top-tier supervillain, and that confidence can bring you far in Gang Beasts. You can easily recreate his purple look from the movie Avengers: Endgame—or at least, get as close to it as possible—if you don the old-fashioned scuba diver outfit. Don’t forget the purple skin—that’s what Thanos’ power is all about!

1 Whatever This Mess Is

Gang Beasts the best costume
Image via TouchTapPlay

This costume can be seen as the pinnacle of high fashion or the lowest level of eccentricity—it depends on your attitude. However, you cannot deny how useful it is. The owl hat is there to give you more headbutting power, and the goggles protect you from your opponent’s headbutts. The SWAT uniform is there for intimidation purposes, and it doesn’t really matter which pants you put on, but make sure to equip some back gear. If you’re keen on preventing headbutts from the back, go for a scuba tank, like in our version.

There you have it—some of the best costumes in Gang Beasts that you can try. Let us know if you have any other favorites and don’t forget to check out more useful guides for this game in our dedicated Gang Beasts section on TouchTapPlay!

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The Best Costumes in Gang Beasts


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