The Best Combos in Game Dev Tycoon

Learn what the best genre and audience combos are in Game Dev Tycoon.

Game Dev Tycoon sees players as the president of an upcoming indie game development studio. To get your studio’s name on the map, you’ll need to hire the right people, examine the market, and design your game so that it caters to as many people as possible. Today, we’ll show you the best combos in Game Dev Tycoon!

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Best Topic, Audience & Genre Combos in Game Dev Tycoon

One of the most important aspects of your game is deciding the topic, what genre it belongs to, and what the target audience is going to be.

Choosing the right combinations of topic, genre, and audience will make or break your game. Some of these combos can be discovered through common sense—for example, history and dystopian games don’t do well with the young audience.

Here’s a full chart of the best combinations in the game, thanks to the raw data discovered by the folks at the Game Dev Tycoon Wiki.

To read this chart, we’ll list everything by topic, then list the best and worst genres, then the best target audience. The first genre and target audience listed is always the best one to pick. Conversely, in the worst genre list, the first genre is always the worst one to pick, so avoid it if you can.

For example, for the first entry, we have the Abstract topic. The best genre out of the three is Adventure, and the best target audience is M for mature. If you do not see a target audience listed, do not use them for that topic.

TopicBest GenresWorst GenresBest Audience
AbstractAdventure, Action, StrategyRPG, Simulation, CasualM, E, Y
AirplaneAction, Simulation, Strategy, Casual, RPGAdventureY, E, M
AliensAction, RPG, Strategy, AdventureSimulation, CasualM, E, Y
Alternate HistoryAction, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, AdventureCasualE, M
AssassinAction, RPG, SimulationStrategy, Casual, AdventureM, E
BusinessSimulation, Strategy, Adventure, RPGAction, CasualE, Y
CitySimulation, StrategyAction, Adventure, RPG, CasualE, Y, M
ColonizationSimulation, StrategyAdventure, RPG, Action, CasualE, M
ComedyAdventure, Casual, RPGAction, Simulation, StrategyM, E, Y
ConstructionSimulation, Strategy, CasualAdventure, RPG, ActionE, M, Y
CookingSimulation, Casual, Action, RPGAdventure, StrategyE, Y
CrimeAction, Simulation, RPGCasual, Adventure, StrategyM, E
CyberpunkAction, RPG, Adventure, SimulationCasual, StrategyM, E
DanceSimulation, CasualAdventure, RPG, Strategy, ActionY, E, M
DetectiveAdventure, RPG, Casual, SimulationAction, StrategyE, Y, M
DisastersSimulation, Strategy, Action, AdventureRPG, CasualM, E
DungeonAction, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, AdventureCasualE, M, Y
DystopianSimulation, Strategy, Adventure, Action, RPGCasualM, E
EvolutionSimulation, StrategyAdventure, RPG, Casual, ActionE, Y
ExpeditionStrategy, Simulation, AdventureRPG, Casual, ActionE, Y, M
Extreme SportsAction, Simulation, CasualAdventure, RPG, StrategyY, M
FarmingSimulation, CasualAction, RPG, Strategy, AdventureE, Y, M
FantasyAction, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, SimulationCasualY, E, M
FashionRPG, Simulation, Casual, AdventureAction, StrategyY, E
Game DevSimulation, CasualAction, RPG, Strategy, AdventureE, Y
GovernmentSimulation, StrategyAction, Adventure, RPG, CasualE, M
HackingSimulation, Strategy, AdventureCasual, Action, RPGM, E
HistorySimulation, Strategy, Casual, Action, Adventure, RPGE, M, Y
HorrorAction, Adventure, RPG, CasualSimulation, StrategyM, E
HospitalSimulation, RPG, StrategyAction, Adventure, CasualE, M
HuntingAction, Simulation, Adventure, RPG, CasualStrategyE, M, Y
LawAdventure, RPG, Simulation, StrategyAction, CasualE, Y
LifeAdventure, Simulation, RPG, CasualAction, StrategyY, E, M
Mad ScienceAdventure, Action, SimulationStrategy, Casual, RPGM, E, Y
Martial ArtsAction, RPG, Simulation, Casual, AdventureStrategyM, E
MedievalAction, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, SimulationCasualY, E, M
MilitaryAction, Simulation, Strategy, RPGAdventure, CasualM, E
MoviesSimulation, Casual, Action, AdventureRPG, StrategyE, Y, M
MusicAction, Simulation, Casual, AdventureRPG, StrategyY, E, M
MysteryAdventure, RPG, Simulation, CasualAction, StrategyM, E, Y
MythologyAction, RPG, Simulation, Adventure, StrategyCasualE, M
NinjaAction, Casual, Adventure, RPG, StrategySimulationY, E, M
PirateAdventure, RPG, Simulation, Action, CasualStrategyY, E, M
Post ApocalypticAction, RPG, Strategy, AdventureSimulation, CasualM, E
PrisonAction, Adventure, Simulation, RPG, StrategyCasualM, E
RacingSimulation, Casual, Action, RPGAdventure, StrategyY, E, M
RhythmAction, Simulation, CasualStrategy, Adventure, RPGY, E, M
RomanceAdventure, Simulation, Casual, RPGAction, StrategyE, M, Y
SchoolAdventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Action, CasualY, E
Sci-FiAction, Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, CasualE, M, Y
SpaceAction, Simulation, Strategy, AdventureRPG, CasualM, E, Y
SportsAction, Simulation, CasualAdventure, RPG, StrategyY, E, M
SpyAction, Adventure, RPG, Simulation, CasualStrategyM, E, Y
SuperheroesAction, RPGAdventure, Simulation, Strategy, CasualY, E, M
TechnologySimulation, StrategyAction, Adventure, RPG, CasualM, E
ThiefRPG, Action, Simulation, Casual, AdventureStrategyM, E
Time TravelAdventure, RPG, ActionStrategy, Simulation, CasualE, Y, M
TransportSimulation, StrategyAction, Adventure, RPG, CasualE, Y
UFOAction, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation, CasualRPGE, M, Y
VampireAction, RPG, AdventureSimulation, Strategy, CasualE, M
Virtual PetSimulation, Casual, RPG, Strategy, AdventureActionY, E
VocabularySimulation, Strategy, CasualAction, Adventure, RPGE, Y
WerewolfAction, RPG, AdventureSimulation, Strategy, CasualM, E
Wild WestRPG, ActionSimulation, Strategy, Adventure, CasualM, Y, E
ZombiesAction, Casual, StrategySimulation, RPG, AdventureM, Y, E

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In addition to topics, you’ll also have to choose a system to develop your game for. Just like in real life, certain platforms are more popular with specific audiences and genres. Here’s a list of the best combos for platforms and genres.

SystemBest GenresWorst GenresBest Audience
PCAdventure, Simulation, Strategy, Action, RPGCasualM, E, Y
G64Adventure, Strategy, Action, RPG, SimulationCasualM, E, Y
TESCasual, Action, RPG, SimulationAdventure, StrategyY, E
Master VCasual, Action, RPG, SimulationAdventure, StrategyE, Y
GamelingCasual, RPG, Simulation, ActionStrategy, AdventureY, E
Vena GearCasual, Simulation, Action, Adventure, RPGStrategyE, Y, M
Vena OasisAction, Simulation, Adventure, RPGStrategy, CasualE, M, Y
Super TESSimulation, Action, Adventure, RPG, CasualStrategyY, E
PlaysystemAction, RPG, Simulation, AdventureCasual, StrategyE, M, Y
TES 64Action, Casual, Adventure, SimulationRPG, StrategyY, E, M
DreamVastAction, Simulation, RPGAdventure, Strategy, CasualE, M
Playsystem 2Action, RPG, Simulation, Casual, AdventureStrategyE, Y, M
mBoxAction, RPG, Simulation, AdventureStrategy, CasualE, M, Y
Game SphereCasual, Action, Adventure, SimulationRPG, StrategyY, E, M
GSRPG, Casual, Action, Adventure, Simulation, StrategyY, E, M
PPSAction, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, CasualAdventureM, E, Y
mBox 360Action, RPG, Adventure, Simulation, CasualStrategyM, E, Y
NuuSimulation, Casual, ActionAdventure, RPG, StrategyY, E
Playsystem 3Action, Simulation, Adventure, RPG, CasualStrategyE, M, Y
grPhoneCasual, Simulation, Adventure, ActionRPG, StrategyE, Y
grPadCasual, Simulation, Strategy, Adventure, ActionRPGE, Y
mPadAdventure, Simulation, Casual, RPGAction, StrategyE, M
WuuSimulation, Casual, Action, RPGAdventure, StrategyE, Y
OYACasual, Action, Simulation, RPG, StrategyAdventureE, M, Y
mBox OneAction, RPG, Simulation, Casual, AdventureStrategyE, M
Playsystem 4Action, RPG, Simulation, Casual, AdventureStrategyE, M, Y
mBox NextCasual, Action, Adventure, RPG, SimulationStrategyE, Y, M
Playsystem 5Action, Simulation, RPG, CasualStrategyE, M, Y

That concludes our list of the best combos in Game Dev Tycoon. If you have any other questions or tips for the game, let us know in the comments below!

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