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The Best Builds in Zombero | Everything You Need to Know

The Best Builds in Zombero | Everything You Need to Know
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In Zombero, you can gear up your hero with various weapons, armor, abilities, skills, and perks. There are lots of different ways you can kit yourself in order to become stronger at taking down zombies, but which ways are the best? The gear system in this game is a little unconventional, but if you’re looking for some build ideas, look no further: here is everything you need to know about the best builds in Zombero.

What you need to know about the best builds in Zombero

First off, we need to talk about the idea of builds in Zombero. Builds, in the traditional sense, do not really exist in Zombero, and this is due to two reasons:

  • Your armor, attachments, and minions don’t really have set bonuses or anything that encourages you to use specific pieces of gear together. You basically only need to focus on equipping the highest rarity gear you have, or if you’re gunning for specific stats, just equip the same type of gear;
  • Skills and perks are permanent and apply to all your heroes. You don’t have to pick and choose here, you just unlock them in a straightforward process.

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That really leaves only your weapon and the random abilities you find on a run as the biggest decision-making moments in Zombero. So, here are the different weapons and abilities and what worked the best for us.

The best weapons in Zombero

Once again, the best weapon in Zombero is whatever you have that is the highest rarity. The power level gaps between high and low rarity gear is so immense that it’s not even worth using common stuff once you start finding uncommon items.

Throughout your journey in Zombero, you find plenty of different weapons, but they’re all effectively the same, in terms of fire modes. Even the plasma weapons that fire pure energy are essentially normal rifles.

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What you want to do is compare all your highest rarity weapons and see how they hold up. The only stat that increases when a weapon is upgraded is its damage, which means attack speed, reload speed, and magazine size are set in stone, ignoring abilities.

Because of this rule, you can usually tell which weapon is going to have higher base DPS when it’s upgraded. This can help you decide on which weapon to use if you have multiple weapons of the same rarity.

The best abilities in Zombero

Every time you level up during a run in Zombero, you can pick one ability from a randomly selected set of three. Abilities are the closest thing Zombero has to builds, so picking the right ones is crucial. In no particular order, we have listed some of the most helpful abilities below.

Do note that most abilities can be stacked. That is, if you obtain a copy of an ability you already have, the effects are empowered.

  • Attack Speed/Damage/Critical Boost: these don’t really need an explanation and are just overall DPS boosts;
  • Reload Speed Boost: effectively increases your DPS since you reload faster. Especially noticeable on weapons with slow reload speeds;
  • Movement Speed Boost: helps you get away from enemies faster. The later levels contain lots of trap rooms, and high movement speed is very helpful for getting through those rooms unscathed;
  • Slow Enemy Projectile: slows down all enemy projectiles. One of the best abilities for avoiding damage;
  • Instant Kill: small chance to instantly kill an enemy, but the odds increase as you stack it. This pairs extremely well with high fire rate weapons, as you have a higher chance to activate it. Doesn’t affect bosses (we wish it did);
  • Ricochet: causes your bullets to jump to another nearby target. One of the more helpful bullet modification abilities, Ricochet allows you to clear out multiple enemies at a time;
  • Frozen Bullets: drastically slows down enemies when you hit them. Incredibly useful in just about any situation, as it keeps enemies from charging at you and it also delays their bullets;
  • Vampirism: even with the increased medkits ability, it didn’t seem to change their drop rate that much. Vampirism, on the other hand, has a chance to heal you after each kill, and it triggered more frequently for us. This is the healing ability that we always go with;
  • Invincibility Star: you become invincible randomly for a few seconds. This ability triggered more often than we thought it would, and it can really come in clutch during sticky situations.

What are some of your favorite abilities to use in Zombero? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Best Builds in Zombero | Everything You Need to Know