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Zombero Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks

Zombero Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks
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The dead have arisen from the depths of the Earth, and they want revenge! Zombero is a post-apocalyptic top-down rogue-like bullet hell game where you must face off against hordes of zombies and mutant creatures out for blood.

Zombero allows characters to upgrade their heroes in different ways, so that they can become ultimate zombie slayers. Your path to becoming stronger has multiple routes, so here is everything you need to know in our Zombero tips and tricks beginner’s guide.

Zombero tips and tricks guide for beginners

To destroy the zombie menace in Zombero, you’ll need to conquer each region one by one, while finding new weapons and armor along the way. Here are some important pointers that can help you survive the journey.

Balance moving and shooting

Unlike other rogue-like bullet hell games, your character cannot fire and move at the same time. In order to start firing your weapon, you need to come to a complete standstill. Obviously this isn’t good for your long-term survival, so you need to strike a balance between moving and shooting.

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Knowing when to move and when to get in as many shots as you can before you have to shuffle away is the key to victory in Zombero. To help you get used to this stop’n’go play style, it helps a lot to recognize the kinds of attacks you’ll be dealing with. In general, there are three types of attacks:

  • Rushing enemies try to run into you to deal collision damage. Keep your distance and fire away when they stop charging you.
  • Ranged enemies that shoot projectiles at you deal projectile damage. Break line of sight by ducking behind cover to avoid their projectiles.
  • Artillery enemies that lob explosives into the air that deal projectile damage upon landing. Watch flying projectiles carefully and dodge accordingly.
Image via Alda Games

You’ll get the hang of Zombero after you’ve had a few runs, so don’t worry too much. Fire away as much as you can, then retreat to safety until the attacks have let up, then fire away again. As a side note, when you are in a safe spot, you can double-tap to manually reload your weapon.

Watch boss patterns carefully

Every 10 rooms in a level pits you against a scary boss. The bosses in Zombero have a lot of health, so they can be deadly if you’re eating too many of their attacks.

Thankfully, each boss has pretty obvious telegraphs and patterns, so just watch them carefully and dodge accordingly. If you end up dying against a boss you’ve never seen before, don’t worry about it too much, because you probably learned a lot in the process.

Collect and upgrade gear

As you complete objectives and levels, you will open crates that contain weapons, armor, and more inside. As you progress through the game, your character unlocks gear slots, and eventually they’ll be able to be completely decked out in a full gear set.

You have three slots for armor: chest, legs, and shoes. Each piece of armor grants different bonuses, including max health, collision resistance, and projectile resistance. You can mix and match as you see fit.

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If you collect multiple copies of the same piece of gear, you’ll be able to upgrade it after you pay a silver fee. Feel free to invest some silver into lower rarity pieces of gear, but don’t try to upgrade everything you get, as there is no way to reset gear. Once you invest resources into a piece of gear, you’re not getting anything back.

In general, it’s best to just equip and invest in the highest rarity gear you have. Higher rarity gear has better stats, higher max levels, and better potential overall.

Choosing skills and perks

Skills are passive stats that add to your character no matter what gear or character you are using. You have to pay a silver fee plus skill points in order to use a skill. All of them are useful, so upgrade them as you see fit. You gain a handful of skill points every time your player level increases.

Perks are special passive abilities that grant certain bonuses to your run. There’s no limit to how many perks you can have active, but perk points are a lot harder to come by, so you’ll have to choose what to unlock carefully.

Image via Alda Games

You automatically unlock the Starting Ability perk during the tutorial, which is a pretty good perk. There are lots of perks to pick from, so make sure to read through them all fully before you start spending your perk points.

Choosing a hero

You start the game as the Young Priest, who has balanced stats but doesn’t excel in anything. After you’ve cleared level 2, you can start unlocking additional heroes. Like gear, heroes have rarities, and the best heroes include epic and legendary heroes.

You can spend a precious resource called holy water to upgrade heroes after you’ve unlocked them. Upgrading heroes increases their max health and damage, so be sure to upgrade your favorites. Additionally, every 20 levels, heroes unlock passive abilities, and at level 40 and 80, these abilities apply to all your other unlocked heroes.

Holy water is somewhat scarce, so make sure to upgrade your favorite heroes first. You can earn more holy water by opening crates, so make sure to complete your daily quests, and open the crates you earn from completing levels.

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Zombero Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks