The Battle Cats

The popular strategy game The Battle Cats has been updated several times in the past few months, with Japanese team PONOS adding plenty of interesting new content to the game. A new update has been made available in time for the festivities, a new update adding more new content such as a new stage, new special units and more.

The new The Battle Cats 3.4 update adds a new challenging North Pole themes stage, new unlockable special units and a variety of other rewards. If you haven’t been playing The Battle Cats for some time, now is a very good time to get back into the game.

Here are the full details of the latest The Battle Cats update.

・Stories of Legend
3-Star Difficulty added to “Stairway to Darkness”
2-Star Difficulty added to “Scars of War”

・Additional User Rank rewards
・Equip Menu now accessible via button on Stage Select screen
・Bonus Item reveal animations can now be skipped
・Misc. bug fixes

The Battle Cats is now available for download in all regions on the App Store. The new update is also available for download right now.




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